Silversmiths Hell Kitchen


Local British Restaurant located just next to the main building of Hallam University had a visit from Gordon Ramsay in 2011.

Previously named Runaway Girl was a run down business and owner-back-then Justin Rowtree could not cope.

Struggles brought Ramsay to Sheffield to help the Spanish Tapas food hall change into a fine British restaurant, attracting many from all over Yorkshire for all the right reasons.

Featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen, you can see the difference in the restaurant from before Gordon visited and after. Relationships were falling apart with the business sliding through Justin’s hands.

It was a mess.

The restaurant has since then changed owner and renewed staff. It has recently been through a refurbishment resulting in a bigger and better attraction for customers.

Silversmiths have updated everything including their website which is now looking very inviting and mouth-watering.

They now proudly host weddings and events such as Gin Tasting and even competitions! They have set the bar high for restaurants nearby.

Silversmiths are now an inspiration to restaurant owners, and definitely an example to follow.

~ ~ ~ ~

Interview with Tina Gage, manager of Silversmiths,

  • Who called Gordon Ramsay for help and why?

The previous owner, Justin Rowtree, called Gordon Ramsay for help and guidance, the place was a disaster.

  • How was your restaurant before the visit?

Very disorganised, Justin was the problem.

  • How long did it take you to get the restaurant to the standards it is at now?

Immediately, as you can see on the show, it stayed like that, we just recently had a refurbishment about a year ago, since then it’s been quite good, we’ve had awards after awards.

Additional information from waitress, Helena:

How was Silversmiths when it was Runaway Girl?

I have only worked here 2 years however, I have watched the episode online and the place looked like a strip club with dark, padded walls and spotlights on the floor. It was messy and did not look like a restaurant at all. It has really turned around since then.


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