Codes and Conventions of Magazines- Semiotic Analysis of my Double Page Spread

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.11.47

The topic of this magazine article is makeup for New Years Eve coming up soon to help the audience with some tips and ideas. The audience is young females aged between 16-25. This is because I have done the makeup on myself how I would actually do it for NYE and I think this is appropriate for girls who wear makeup around my age.

I have used informal language because I was inspired by my own blog where I also use informal language to connect with young audiences better and to make it as if we are friends talking to each other giving help and advice.

The connotation of the colours are femininity because of the use of mainly red as a theme. Red lipstick also used to connote passion and love for the New Years Eve theme. The background colour of red and also sparkly texture is also to give a Christmas/NYE feeling to the audience matching the topic of the article.

The image denotes a full page medium close up shot of makeup modelling. The connotation is that if they follow the instructions given in the article they can achieve a glamorous professional look like in the image.

There is an extreme close up of the eye makeup showing in more detail to the audience so they can understand better.

As the encoder, the preferred meaning of this article for the decoder is to inform and advise young females about a makeup look for an upcoming event which is New Years. In this generation, young girls are increasingly becoming interested in health and beauty. New techniques are evolving within the makeup industry every day and it is important to them to learn as good as they can. This is the reason I chose this topic because the more popular it is the more audience you will have.

Also, as the encoder, I used a variety of signifiers such as images and colour to anchor the preferred meaning.


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