How to dress:

It is important to dress right for an interview because you have to give the correct first impression of yourself to the employer.

You could be wondering if you should wear all black, or a suit, or heels… All these questions but where are the answers?

I personally like to wear all black because you can never go wrong with black! It looks professional and serious. What you wear to an interview can change depending on what the interview is for. If you are unsure on what to wear, it is always a good idea to ask your employer or an employee that works there.

There’s no rule to say you can’t wear other colours, but remember to keep it professional. Here are some clothes you should and shouldn’t wear. (pics)

Don’t forget the accessories, they are an important part of your look. Keep jewelry limited, don’t go over the top. No hoop earring or rings on every finger, even if you do wear those in your day to day life. Simple is the way to go in an interview.

Your shoes and bag should match your clothing for the complete business look. If you are wearing all black clothing, wear black shoes and a black bag. To break the one colour theme you could add a natural coloured lipstick.


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