8.1.1 Proposal

In the introduction to my Journalism and Social Media Communications course I had completed a lot of research to gain an idea of what the course will be about and what I will need to add to my knowledge.

In Units 1-4 I produced blog posts on WordPress where every piece of work I do is saved. These blog posts included written posts about the double-page spread we produced, journalism and photo journalism. I also did a lot of primary research and work on magazines.

Units 5-7 (Unit 5) the audio production started with research and comparing radio stations, we also went on a trip to Media City and visited BBC Radio stations which made me understand more about media. For the actual production I wrote a script for my bulletin, got together in a group to create the ideas, finally  I recorded my news bulletin.

(Unit 6) I started Unit 6 with research on online news videos relating to the ideas of my own video that I would be planning and producing. I planned everything with storyboards, notes etc. I then created, edited and finalised my news video.

(Unit 7) In Unit 7, I researched some websites that are my favourite. I chose two and compared these including the look, theme and easy navigation of the website. I created my own website on Muse the way I liked it inspired from the websites I enjoyed browsing on.


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