Unit 6 Evaluation

For my visual-based production what I had originally planned did not work out at all and I had to change my idea last minute which is why my product is not at the best quality as it could have been, editing-wise.

I had planned and researched all based on my first idea for the video news. However, the planning I did for my latest idea for the project is a very simple storyboard including the duration of each frame.

For my first idea the only hesitation I had was that I had to have permission from parents to interview the students chosen for my video. I also needed permission from the headteacher to film the school and the library as that is what my video would have been based on. My first thought was to do some recording at Brunswick Primary School in Woodhouse, Sheffield for the opening of their new library because it had been on The Star. I was going to take still and moving shots of the school and interview the headteacher along with two or three pupils of the school asking their opinion.

This plan failed and because our video had to be about Sheffield I changed my idea to “The Best Parks in Sheffield” because recently I had been to a few parks in Sheffield which had amazing views I was inspired by.

Considering I had to change my plan at the last minute, I believe I have done my best with time consumption for taking photographs for the video, putting the video together and editing it. For this, I narrowed the best parks in Sheffield down to the parks I enjoyed going to myself. So, I went to these parks and took some photographs on my mobile phone. If I had more time, I would have made some improvements such as taking better quality photos possibly with a digital camera, editing these images to make them more vibrant, clear and sharp and to the best quality I could get them to by editing them on the Mac computers.

The research I did for this video project was what facilities the parks had, which ones had better facilities to the others for the comparison.

I could have definitely done some more improvements if I had time. Such as, taking photographs at different angles, taking more photographs, and higher quality.

With my plan going wrong it has made me realise that if I was to do the whole project again I would plan better, including some back up plans incase my original plan did not work out.

For the audio included in the video I used GarageBand on the Mac for editing and uploaded it to iTunes because this made it possible for me to add it to the video easily.

I had to use different softwares and skills to produce this video including GarageBand, iTunes and iMovie. Although I haven’t had much experience with these some of these softwares I could have done some trials before making the full production to improve the final piece.



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