Jane 6.1.1 Mobile Journalism

Plan for the video:

Hairdressers, still image of front of shop, footage of hairdresser working with a customer, interview the customer about the hairdresser and ask for a rate out of 10.

Questions for the interview (customer):

  • How did you find out about this hairdresser?
  • Are you a regular customer?
  • How often do you come to the hairdressers and how long have you been with this hairdresser?
  • What made you choose to stick to this hairdresser?



Questions for the interview (hairdresser):

  • What facilities have you got?
  • Why do you not have any of the beauty facilities such as nails, wax or make up?
  • Do you have any plans on improving your shop?

Annotation of short news videos:

This is a video of a related topic that I will be doing, which is news on hairdressing.


In this video included in the news, there is footage that will interest the public because it is a different approach on cutting hair, no one has ever seen before and naturally grabs the attention of the audience.

The filming is not professional because the person behind the camera moves the camera a lot when there should be no need to do so. This shows us that the footage is most likely from a mobile phone by a person who happens to be at the hairdressers and not an actual news presenter or cameraman.

However, the person recording moves around the hairdresser to achieve clear filming yet keeps the distance from the main focus on a mid shot to be able to record everything and not miss anything out.

In a different video about Sheffield United, the video has been recorded in the discussion focusing completely on one person, Louis van Gaal, recorded mainly as a close up shot. This video is less interesting to me and maybe some of the public however, it may be interesting to the football fans of Sheffield.


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