Shelina 5.1.1 Comparison of BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 4

Radio 1 Newsbeat

The Radio 1 station has an audience of 15-29 year olds so in this case, Radio 1 compared to Radio 4 is less formal approaching the audience with appropriate language suiting what they speak and hear in daily lives. Whereas, Radio 4 approaches their audience much more formally and gets straight to the point while introducing each news piece.


Radio 1

Age: 15-29

Gender and Ethnicity: Mixed

Financial Status: C2DE

Location: Britain

Radio 4

Age: 35+

Gender and Ethnicity: Mixed

Financial Status: ABC1

Location: Britain

Psychographic Profile

Radio 1

Interests: New chart music, dance, r&b, student lifestyle

Radio 4

Interests: Social, political and economic issues, current affairs

Radio 1 has sounds to break up the news and make it more interesting for the young audience as opposed to Radio 4 which is rather serious.

Radio 1 presenters speak slower so it is easier to understand, they also use less complicated vocabulary. A little humour is involved to connect with the audience and interest them further.


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