Unit 9

9.3.1, 9.3.2 Evaluation and Reflecting

The webzine I created is about lifestyle. I have been researching online lifestyle magazines and have found various ways to improve my own. It is crucial to have a set plan so I started off by sketching and noting my ideas down for the design and content. I constantly had a look at different online lifestyle magazines to see what I could do similarly and differently to make it my own but still keep it within the lifestyle magazine style. The theme and colours came naturally as I started creating my production, I kept the colours neutral and simple for the professional look. Too many colours distract the audience and looks unorganised. For the audience to concentrate on the content of the website, the theme needs to look appealing and professional.

Throughout my work, I changed many things I thought didn’t look pleasing to the eye. Such as, font, size of font, quality of images, layout of text. I compared my work to already published online magazines for more ideas. As I tried different fonts and sizes, I always kept in mind that the font has to be clear, readable and large enough for people who struggle reading small text however, small enough so it doesn’t overdo the images on the site. The quality of images are important for a professional look on websites especially with the hi-tech we have today. Blurred images will be difficult to understand. Sometimes, images help the reader understand what the post will be about with a quick glance, so it is important to provide high quality, clear images.

The main online lifestyle magazines I looked at were Cosmopolitan and Zoella, as I compared both these to each other, I also compared it with my own. However, design-wise, I prefer the look of Pinterest for the grid layout. I think this is much easier for the audience as you can add an image about your article to the blocks and also a caption briefly explaining what can be found in this section. It is easy to navigate, not too complex, or in your face. It is neat and professional with all the information you need in just a click. A menu and search bar is also essential if the reader wishes to find a particular topic or post they are interested in reading. It is much easier than scrolling past every page trying to find one article, or not knowing what articles are available on the site if there is no menu or search bar.

On my webzine, I have tabs: Home,Moments, Life and Beauty. Under each of these tabs are the list of posts related to these topics which are also displayed on the main screen in the grids. This makes it easier for the audience to find what they are looking for or what subject they desire to read. Each of the tabs have a drop down of the articles that are included in them as well as being on the home page (if they are what I think the most popular articles on the site.)

I have learnt how to use various tools throughout this production. Such as, the ‘place’ tool which places your image as you want it. The tools I have used have made it easier for me to achieve the professional look I want in my project. The place tool keeps the appearance of the image the same quality and does not blur or create a pixelated image as you change the size. This saves time and keeps photos looking high quality.

After I have edited a certain item on the site, I either preview or view the original site from the link. This gives me a real life view on what else could be improved, if everything is in place and generally how it looks. I will quickly go back and edit anything I think needs improving to not waste any time later on in the production.

I received opinions from peers (ages 17-19) on how the webzine looked throughout the production to get an idea of what audiences are wanting to see in an online magazine. The feedback I got was on quality of images, articles, colours and fonts. The feedback helped me understand what needs improving for my next production and put it in a better perspective for myself.

The improvements I can make are more content and more professional looking design to make the site stand out. I will need better ways of advertising and creating other social media accounts other than Instagram to reach a wider audience. I will allow myself more time to arrange planning for content to make it easier and better for production. These are my targets for my next production.


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