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Tent City


A tent camp has been set up on South Street outside the Park Hill flats week commencing Mon 17 Oct.

These tents have been provided by Tent City organiser Anthony Cunningham to keep the homeless off the streets temporarily.


“There are currently 13 tents and 17 people staying at the camp where tents, food, water and basic amenities are given out to Sheffield’s rough sleepers.” The Star.

I came across Dean (refused to provide surname) at the tents who kindly answered some of my quesions:

* What is Tent City?
-Homeless place, somewhere safe to sleep

* How did you find this place?
-Few friends, word of mouth, Anthony- the man who runs the tents

* How are you living at the moment?
-In a tent, beg, borrow whatever i can, trying to sort some housing through the council

* How were you living before?
-On streets, begging for money, sleeping in town

* Are you happy with your shelter?
-Better than nothing, keeps us warm at night, we get food and drinks

* How long have you been here and how long have you been homeless?
-I have been here over a week and I have been homeless since I got out of prison (30 September 2016)

* Who helped you and why?
-Anthony Cunningham who runs tent city because he found me sleeping on the floor in town and offered a place in the tents

I also came across another homeless lady (refused to be identified) who had just got out of prison, visiting Tent City looking for a shelter.

She was pleased for the people who had a tent to stay in, but was looking to fit in herself.

People are slowly getting rehoused.



One thought on “Tent City

  1. The idea is great – lots of potential.
    Why didn’t you write this as a news story though? You have defaulted to just writing out the interview and your sentences read like notes.

    You need to identify who you are quoting. If they don’t want their names/background details being used, find someone else. What about the organiser.
    Other things to do:
    Speak to Sheffield City Council
    Speak to a homeless charity in Sheffield
    Speak to a homeless person (who will be identified);
    Get some statistics.

    NEVER start writing your feature until you have done all your research and interviews.


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