Proposal Writing


I have chosen to do my magazine on beauty and makeup because I feel I am more interested in this genre more than any and it is a topic I can easily explain and advise upon from experience.

The aim of my content is to inform young females about makeup that is already out there and different tips on how they can improve their beauty routine.

My target audience is females between the ages of 15-30 although male audiences are also welcome to view and gain knowledge.

The skills I will need for this is writing skills to engage the reader and keep the interest high. It is also important to connect with the reader in the right way within makeup and keep it simple yet effective. Photography skills are essential as makeup is mainly about detail, images must be clear and sharp and this can be edited with the software skills I have e.g. photoshop.

Project Concept

My ideas for this project is to record a short video of applying make up on a model for the interactive front cover. For example just like make up games online for young children, a make up brush applying make up on the eyes and so on.

For the images, I will be taking photographs of different make up styles of the eyes mainly and the whole face for day and evening looks and how to achieve these as these are the most interesting looks amongst females this year.

Some secondary research I have and will be doing is researching make up blogs, products, make up artist (MUA) comments and make up photography. I will use these to assist me with my work and improve some points I need to improve.

Some primary research I will be doing is interviews with females about make up and their views on different make up looks and what they usually go for. In my opinion, if the interviews are done with females who are at different ages, it is better for the audience as they can relate to the females within their age range.


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