Unit 9

9.2.2- Production

In this section of producing circle.thisistap.com, I decided the theme does not allow any logos I have created without it looking unprofessional. Therefore, I focused on other content. However, in future productions I would like to include a logo because it makes it more individual and your own personal brand.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 13.49.30.png

To create my home page, I chose the grid layout on the Genie theme. The grid layout interests me because it reminds me of Pinterest and how easy it is to navigate around the site, along with interactive media. I have learnt that the grid layout will be neat and professional visually as well as easy navigation, so it is pleasing for the audience and they will return to the website if the content interests them also.

I developed a template in Adobe Muse because it is more customisable. I can personalise it and have a lot more tools to do so. Such as, placing an image by creating a rectangle from shapes and going to File>Place and browsing files on the PC until I find the image I want to place on the rectangle shape which is like a template for me. The placed image will be for the post, so the image also has to be relevant to the post that I will be attaching it to. For example, if my post was about nature, my image would be of a flower.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.57.25.png

I created another grid layout and added images to the boxes representing posts for a template and hyperlinking posts to these boxes. I also added social links to my social media sites in the footer.

I also created an Instagram account for Circle, to add later in the widgets menu for live feed as this will be a photography feature also allowing the audience to follow other social sites. This is the first social media account I have created for Circle and features images that link to the content submitted on the site.

This will help to advertise and bring in more audiences for the website from different places on the internet, as people who like the website could possibly share, like and post comments which other people can see which will the broaden the amount of viewers.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 15.11.27.png

In addition to this, I created a back up Master page for my webzine in case I wanted a theme change. This will also be useful for special events or holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. I just added a new master page, copied and pasted the first one to this and change the colours and font. To change theme, all you have to do is drag the master page you want on to the pages you want to apply it to.muse-ss



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