Tracy 5.1.2 Story Sourcing

Ideas for radio news:

Fake ID- get the views of people who have been caught with fake ID, advise underage not to get fake ID and make them aware of the consequences. Give an example from a person with past experience from fake ID.

The new library in Brunswick Primary School in Woodhouse, Sheffield. Interviews with a teacher/head teacher and footage of the facilities.


I will be producing a 1 minute long radio bulletin. Here is a list of 5 story headlines I have researched in news value order:

  • Gunman targets Wincobank off-licence


Opinions of residents living close to the off-licence

  • Inquest opens into Deaths of Doncaster Pedestrians


  • Football pitches to be closed in Barnsley this weekend


Closed because of severe weather warnings. This could affect Barnsley football players and I could get some opinions of some who planned on going to play football.

  • Travel: Sheffield Supertram Route to close due to Tram Train engineering works


Making people who use public transport aware of travel disruptions

  • More Jobs to go at Rotherham Council


A good opportunity for Rotherham residents looking for a job.


The 3 events in the headlines that I will follow up will be:

  • Gunman targets Wincobank off-licence – I will be going to this off-licence and interviewing the shopkeeper about the day of the incident.
  • More Jobs to go at Rotherham Council- I will be interviewing job seekers around me and ask for their opinion on this and how they will act.
  • Sheffield Supertram Route to close due to Tram Train engineering works – I will be asking for more information at the Meadowhall Interchange for these services and interviewing friends who have to travel on trams to work or college and how they will go about with the temporary replacement of trams

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