The Magazine Industry




Skills and qualifications needed for a career in Journalism


Skills and qualifications needed for a career in Social Media Communications

Reporting, interviewing, writing and creating stories, IT skills, degree in Journalism






































Work experience, “demonstrate evidence of having gained traction”, “increased engagement metrics such as followers, likes, comments, re-posts – for a real, social media case study.”, digital skills, degree in Journalism
Technical Within the course I am studying I have learnt new technical skills such as using InDesign for creating magazine pages and double spreads etc. I have also learnt how to use a DSLR camera and learnt about shutter speed, ISO etc.







Writing My writing techniques have developed and improved within the time I have been studying journalism and social media communications. I am learning how to write more and more like a journalist.







Social Media I already had experience within social media however, I have learnt to use social media to help me with the course I am studying. For example, to research. Researching within social media leads to finding out people’s real opinions from the people themselves.







Research I have been doing primary research and mostly secondary research of going on the internet and finding out what other information other people have.













Job title and description:








Magazine Editor



“A magazine features editor is responsible for the content and quality of their publication and ensures that stories are engaging and informative.”

Work Activity:

The role varies according to the size of the publication and the nature of its content, but responsibilities typically include:

·         overseeing the layout, appearance and content of feature articles;

·         generating ideas for features with writing staff;

·         commissioning articles from freelance and in-house writers;

·         managing writing staff and freelance feature writers;

·         editing and re-writing articles, some of which may be rejected or returned to the writer for revision;

·         overseeing artwork, design and photography for the features section of the magazine;

·         attending photo shoots;

·         organising meetings with writers and artists to discuss ideas for artwork, layout and features;

·         negotiating payments with freelance writers;

·         understanding and complying with media law and industry ethical guidelines;

·         selecting feature articles for each issue;

·         sending out briefs to writers, which can include word count, deadline, fee and writing style;

·         proofreading all pages before going to press;

·         raising the profile of the magazine;

·         networking with others at industry events;

·         assisting other staff to meet their deadlines.








Skills required:






Photography, journalistic writing techniques, communication











Progression routes to this career







Open to non-graduates however, most people do have a degree or relevant qualifications. Previous experience, training or a degree is essential. Work experience along with qualifications gets you a better chance of entering into this industry.

“Experience of photography can be useful, and a second language can come in handy for international publications.”










How would I like to progress after this course?





I would like to get as many qualifications as I can to make sure I stand out and have a better opportunity within this career. The more knowledge I have, also makes it easier to succeed further. I also want to gain work experience as recently in most businesses it is essential and as important as your qualifications.






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