Proposal (13.1.1, 13.1.2, 13.4.1)

Centre Name and Number: The Sheffield College

Student Name and Number: Melisa Akay – 661915

Project Proposal Title and Date: Producing a Digital Portfolio of Multi-media Content – 02/03/2017

Pathway: Journalism and Social Media Communications


Summarising my achievements in the first 12 units of the qualification, I have increased my knowledge and gained various skills to help me produce my final major project which will be a digital portfolio of multimedia content.

My practical skills will come to use; how journalists write for different audiences, mobile journalism, confidently using technical skills such as using iMovie, Garageband, Photoshop, InDesign and Muse.

I have broadly improved research skills by knowing how to source stories using primary research which includes focus groups, interviews and surveys and secondary research from social media and online websites.



Project Concept

I am aiming to produce a digital portfolio in an online lifestyle “web magazine” format, displaying all content in a professional manner.

I will be creating four written features all with photographs and some with infographics, two mobile packages including an image and a video, a photojournalism piece with a theme, one photojournalistic image and a podcast.

Here is a link to previous research into journalism practice and my multimedia portfolio. –

I plan to create my website on WordPress (Thisistap) as I have been blogging on this site for a long term and am quite familiar with it. I find it is easy to design a professional looking site with all the tools provided.

I have researched lifestyle magazines to help produce relevant content for my audience by conducting interviews, surveys and detailed analysis. –

I also carried out a specialist study investigation for how to target lifestyle magazine audiences. “Social media is one of the main ways in which online magazines target their audience” –

The resources I will be using mainly consist of a smart phone, DSLR camera, Mac and a zoom mic for the recording and editing of multimedia.

I will be sourcing my stories by interviewing members of the public, contacting professionals and specialists and gathering information via the internet. I will also make sure that my production meets legal and ethical standards of the media law.

*Further details can be found at the start of the Production Diary*


I will be producing a production diary throughout my project to continuously reflect and analyse my notes on thoughts and ideas and what I have achieved so far. I will be dating the notes to keep track of what I have produced and also giving myself a timescale to finish work before the deadline. My production diary will include evidence of my research such as interviews and primary and secondary sources. This stage is going to assist me in problem solving, organising and planning. I will also be including the problems faced within my project and how I solved these. I plan to do a focus group to gather thoughts and opinions of my final project and if the target audience thinks the content is suitable enough.

Project Action Plan and Timetable

My plan for the duration of my project is to start organising my ideas in a detailed perspective to make productions easier as I pursue them. This begins with noting down constructive ideas of article content, mobile packages, a slideshow, a photojournalistic image and a podcast. I will then initiate the production starting with the articles one by one and then move onto other productions as I have a checklist in the order I have listed above, I hope to stick to this order as it will be easier and more organised.

In the time I study at college, I have 18 hours a week dedicated to my project. Apart from this, I plan to study independently in my own time, realistically 2 hours more each day I have college, which is 8 extra hours a week.

Date Content Deadline Finished
W/C 13.03.17 Proposal 17.03.17  16.03.17
W/C 20.03.17 Content Production and Production Diary 20.05.17
Date Content Deadline Finished
W/C 20.03.17 Article 1 W/E 21.04.17
W/C 20.03.17 Article 2 W/E 21.04.17
W/C 20.03.17 Article 3 W/E 21.04.17
W/C 20.03.17 Article 4 W/E 21.04.17
W/C 27.03.17 Slideshow of Photojournalistic Images W/E 28.04.17
W/C 27.03.17 One Photojournalistic Image (w/caption) W/E 07.04.17
W/C 27.03.17 Mobile Packages (X2) W/E 21.04.17
W/C 03.04.17 Podcast W/E 14.04.17

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

I intend to carry out both primary and secondary research. I will have access to the internet for ideas and evidence and also researching relevant people who are worthy of mentioning in the content produced. Social media is a crucial way to connect with my future interviewees. I plan to make use of the library, local newspapers and online websites as well as radio stations, and online galleries.


  • Alex Sattaris, 2017, Sheffield Top 10 Nihtclubs, Interviewee, contact on: 07341343729 [Interviewed on: 06/06/2017]
  • Benjy Fletcher, 2017, Sheffield Top 10 Nightclubs, Interviewee, contact on: 07944772297 [Interviewed on: 06/06/2017]
  • Berna Atay, 2017, Hashtag, Instagram Page Owner, contact on: 07594768277, @s33_yuu_b (Instagram) [Permission verified on:  17/04/2017]
  • Billy Quixall, 2017, Sheffield Street Art, Interviewee, contact on: Facebook @ Billy Quixall [Interviewed on: 08/06/2017]
  • Gregg, 2017, Van Schaicks Tattoo, Tattoo Artist, contact on: 01142494395 [Interviewed on: 08/06/2017]
  • Katie Daley, 2017, Sheffield Makeup Artist Success Story, Makeup Artist, contact on: 07824555465, @misskda (Instagram) [Interviewed on: 04/05/2017]
  • Megan, 2017, Benefit Brows, Brow Expert at House of Fraser, contact on: 08446931742 [Interviewed on: 26/05/2017]
  •  Tina&Helen, 2017, Silversmiths Hell Kitchen, Manager&Staff, contact on: 01142706160 [Interviewed on: 25/05/2017]
  • Tom, 2017, Sheffield Street Art, Artist, contact on: [Interviewed on: 07/06/2017]
  • Will Salt, 2017, Urban vs Mainstream Gyms, Owner&Fitness Instructor, contact on: 07915046337/01142360015 [Interviewed on: 07/06/2017]