Media Effects Debate

In this debate, the pro-censorship points were:

  • Can influence people to be more violent if they are troubled due to past experience or violent background such as Nathan Martinez
  • Glorifies drugs, alcohol and smoking, this can make a person curious about the drugs seen in media leading them to try it, which is a negative effect
  • Can affect self-esteem and thoughts on body image
  • Bias views can change peoples mindset
  • You may or may not come from a violent background, but you can still be affected by the violence on screen. This can lead to individuals copying what they see, especially children as they do not know right from wrong at a young age.
  • Films can be based on true events and real life stories making people think that other people have actually done the action being censored and may think it is right for them to do so.
  • Children are influenced by adults and see them as role models, they usually copy what they do and how they act. This has been proved by an experiment.

The anti-censorship points were:

  • Children do know right from wrong
  • Parents can stop what their child is seeing through the media
  • Before watershed has enough censorship to not affect a child badly

The question we, pro-censorship side asked:

What makes you say children know right from wrong?


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