Makeup Product Review

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review

I had heard about the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation many times then I found out Kim Kardashian’s favourite foundation is… This one! Obviously we all want a face like Kim’s. So I bought it. I got it in the colour 6-golden beige for £36.50 from the Armani Beauty website.

I. Adore. This. Foundation.

That should say it all! I am still using this foundation at the moment and I really don’t think I’ll change to another… Never say never though. Although this foundation isn’t full coverage, you can build it up. Add another layer of foundation and it does the trick. Out of all the drugstore and high street foundations I have used, I definitely recommend this to everyone. Comparing it to another high street foundation such as Mac Studio Sculpt, Armani is much better. Maybe a bit more pricey… But much better.

It doesn’t cake on your face, or end up greasy at the end of the day. It never leaves smile lines but it does leave you a flawless finish!



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