Shelina 6.1.1 The Differences Between BBC News at Six (12/01/16) and Newsround (12/01/16)

BBC News at  6 Newsround
News Values Junior doctors striking is the first news because it is the most important that affects the people of Britain. The second news is a terrorist attack in Istanbul, this is a serious news and terrorist attacks are a global issue at this moment in time. First story is British Tim Peek’s Spacewalk and this is the top story because this news is more child-friendly.

The second news story is about rhinos becoming endangered. Also, the third story is about elephants because children have a high interest in animals.

Towards the end one of the last stories is about sport for the children interested and who follow sport closely. It is very clear and easy to understand. The news worthiness is judged according to the audience.

They then move on to local news of a mother and daughter losing a gift card.

Style of Presentation Introduction: Formal, smart suited attire, body language connotes professionalism. Formal, clear language. Mise en scene (costume, props and setting) very technical, accessing latest news via up to date technology, script is also in hand on paper as well as auto cue under the camera which the audience cannot see. The camera is at a medium shot eye level for direct mode of address. First, quick introduction to the first story, cuts to the footage that links with the story. While footage is playing there is the BBC News music playing in the background continuously as well as the news presenter doing a voiceover. After footage, the presenter finishes off the first news and introduces the second news story. Cuts to a different presenter for sport headlines with the BBC News music still playing in the background.

Main part of the News Show: Graphics and BBC News music introduces the actual programme. Simple and professional. Presenter is stood up introducing the programme and straight to the news with an image projected in the background linked to the news. There are other stories that are not mentioned in the headlines because the BBC give a quick overview of the most important ones at the start. The presenter introduces the weather for the ending of the news programme.

Introduction: Very quick introduction to the stories. The language, tone and pace is different to the BBC News. More casual yet smart clothing for the presenter. “Stay tuned to find out…” Presenter standing at the set with cards in her hands. The set is more colourful and has a sofa and table instead of an actual office-looking set. The presenter speaks clearly yet fast paced. Included a live interview with some humour. The presenter also says “super cool” just as children and younger audiences would say because this news programme is aimed mostly at children who watch CBBC.
Narrative Structure Multi-strand

Almost 30 minutes long


Differences Between Online Video News Stories and Whole News Bulletins

Two Online News Stories:

  • Baby rhino
  • (Own news)

Two News Bulletins:

  • BBC News at 6
  • Newsround

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