Unit 9 · Year 2


In this unit I will be researching how journalistic, marketing and interactive features are used in webzines.

I started off by looking at Cosmopolitan, one of my favourite online magazines. Cosmopolitan have kept their theme in the online magazine the same as their original paper magazine, lots of colours and images that stand out. They have the most talked about news at the very top as their first article, then they have listed one news from every topic they have in the magazine such as entertainment, beauty, love etc.

Half way down the page they have added ‘must reads’ which in my opinion, should be at the top of the page as they are usually the most interesting news. The navigation around the website is easy. Like most sites, the menu is at the top and on the left hand side with all the links you need to the topic you want to read on. The best advantage about an online magazine compared to a paper copy is that you can choose what content you want to view. The online magazine has adapted to the rest of the online life: social media, by adding headings such as ‘#ThisIsMii’ reminding the audience of social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter with the use of a hashtag.

Every tab you click on brings you to a page where the ‘best news’ in Cosmopolitan’s opinion, is the biggest image and title, followed by the rest of the news under this topic beneath the biggest news. They have added a search bar for easy access to information with just a click. The navigation bar also has a follow button giving the readers access to Cosmopolitan on social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc. which gains them more recognition.

In my opinion, Cosmopolitan could have added more interactive media to their website such as more videos and make use of the magazine actually being online. These could be things such as rolling the mouse over a certain image and making it more entertaining by making it move. Another example is for the beauty section, rolling over a still image of eyes could include a small game of putting makeup on the model but still keeping it professional.

Cosmopolitan online have competitions, information on advertisements for example they advertised Seat in one of the sections, they also have information on complaints and Hearst UK which is a national magazine company that owns Cosmopolitan and many more brands. They also have a subscription option for readers who would like to receive digital or paper prints of the magazine and have even included a figure for the magazine ratings to draw people into subscribing.



Here is a screenshot of how a typical web magazine would look like. This is a theme on ThemeForest which you can buy for WordPress. The layout is professional and not too cluttered. The text is usually kept to a minimal amount on the front pages until you click on an article you want to read. The article text is also easy to read and understand because readers usually get tired of reading, especially on a screen with small text. So, the paragraphs are kept short and simple too. The titles of each article is included on the image however, the biggest story of the day has an explanation and extra information under the title. The images however, stand out and are the main content in a web magazine. The videos are what attract the audience too as not many blogs include videos. Online magazines also advertise and are relevant to the age group. The navigation around the pages are easy and fast, yet there are webzines that are much quicker because of the simplicity.

Such as: “Broden” ThemeForestScreen Shot 2016-09-23 at 15.42.33.png





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