Audience Feedback- portfolio survey- final focus group- unit 10

I produced a survey of my portfolio to receive audience feedback. I have realised throughout my course that feedback is really important to improve my work for the next time. Audience feedback gives me a view of other people’s opinions which is important when you are writing for other people.

Here are the questions I asked a group of 12 people:

  • What content interests you most within my portfolio?
  • Do you think the articles are appropriate for the age range?
  • How could I improve?
  • Would you read more articles similar to these?

My content was a mixture of genres, aimed at 16-25 year olds, both female and male. This gave me an opportunity to see how my audience reacted to the content, what they thought about it and what they would do differently.

The females who answered my survey mainly liked the Halloween Makeup Tutorial and the Tent City article. The reason behind this was that they thought it was different to normal articles and therefore interesting.

The males who answered my survey mainly liked the Car Meet article because it was an “interesting news story and really good pictures”. They also mentioned that they would read more articles written by me on the lifestyle topic however, makeup articles would not interest them.

When asked if the content was suitable for the age range of 16-25 year olds, I received similar answers from everyone who participated. The audience answered “yes” with their reasons as following:

  • “Because it is a mixed genre” – telling me it is suitable for both genders and correct content for the age range I have written for.
  • “I think young people would find this work interesting, insightful stories about a wide range of topics” – making me aware that young people enjoy reading a range of different topics because it keeps them engaged.
  • “They are generally interesting to the younger and older spectrum” – shows me that the content is also suitable for an older audience as well as young which was originally aimed at.

I asked my audience for their opinions on how I could improve for next time, possibly on how I could target them in a better way. I got replies varying from “add more interactive media” which shows me a young audience may prefer more interesting content such as videos with audio because it is easier to understand and more enjoyable. The other replies I got were “try to stick to one theme” showing me people prefer reading different stories on one topic.

Finally, I got answers that the audience would read more articles similar to these because they were interesting. With the opinions of the young people, I have ideas on how I can improve for next time. These include: focusing on one idea and producing varied content for this topic. I will also take the advice of including more photographs as I have realised young audiences enjoy and find it easier to receive information from visual content rather than textual.


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