8.3.1 Production

pic1newWhen I first started the magazine and it started to look complete, I had to figure out what looked well and what looked better. I started off with a simple masthead to try and make it my own however I realised that the actual ‘Vook Magazine’ logo looked more professional. If I had more time I would have done some research to try and make the title myself and make it look better than what it does here because I have made logos before. I colour matched the front cover background to match the colour of clothing

worn in the photographs so it would keep the theme    looking simple yet professional not distracting with varied copic4lours. I included a side title of the content however, here it looks very simple and out of place on the layout. I then moved it to the centre of the page, changing the font of the person’s name to make it look more important. I kept the colour of black and white text throughout the magazine because black and white is always professional just like the subject of my magazine.




pic2At first, I thought a white background would look professional however, by testing the front cover colour on the rest of the pages, I realised keeping the theme of the magazine looks much better. The design and text are very simple in the version before and doesn’t really interest the reader. I tried to make the double page spreads interesting as to how I like it and if I would read it if this was a magazine on sale because the content is for people of my age. The layout of how the pages were before, do not grab attention at all. Moving on to the Do’s and Don’ts of the first page, the bullet pointed tips look like they are all over the place and even though there is only a few it may lose the readers focus. I thought of photo ideas for the Do’s and Don’ts as a midshot portrait of the model smiling for Do’s and frowning for Don’ts. The reason behind this is obvious and before the reader even reads the title of Do’s and Don’ts it is easy to understand what the page is about from the photos. The photos are black and white so that it is different to the rest of the images in the magazine and also to relate to the subject of interviews because when I think of interviews black and white always comes to mind as it is the most professional colours.

pic5 I improved this page by changing the angle of the second part of the title to make it look more attractive. I also organised the list of tips I made for the Do’s and Don’ts so it looks neat and easy to read for the reader unlike before.  The second page has the model biting her nails looking very nervous linked with the notes at the side of the image of ‘questions’ that may worry people in an interview. The photo really stands out on the double spread pages with the bright colours giving the impression that even though it is a nervous time, it will be fine because the model is pointing below to the tips given below the image with her eyes as if she is looking there for help for success in her interview for a brighter future… The tips on the second page of the magazine are very plain and this is where I was deciding how to make them look better and stand out as they are the most important text on the page. I added a border to the ‘questions’ part making sure to not overlap the face of the model so it is clear to see. The improvements on the tips part on the second page is making them bolder and stand out much more with bubbles around them, this also gave the magazine a style and is appropriate for the audience age group.


pic3The second double page spread has the background matching the front cover and the black and white text throughout keeps it looking different and still professionally linking to the subject of interviews. The title of the page stands out however it could stand out more which I improved by adding lines above and underneath, also adding breaks in between the articles with shapes to create a style of my own. The last page of the magazine is mainly text so instead of placing images in areas of the page that wouldn’t look good, I enlarged the image, still keeping the high quality and made it as the background also making it stand out from the rest of the magazine because it is a full image overlaid with text related to it.

pic6I put the interview in a box to make sure the reader knows it is separate to the article above yet still related to the subject. The white text on the black background looks neat, professional and organised.




fmp mag final


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