From the research that I have done on webzines, I have gathered ideas for my own. My webzine will be based on makeup and the main audience will be females of an age group of 15-25. I have to make sure the audience of this site knows immediately that it is aimed at them and to achieve this correctly I need to carefully pick and adjust the type of theme, colours and context I include to make it suitable for them.

The type of theme I am looking to use for my webzine is the Daze theme on ThemeForest, http://daze.nordwoodthemes.com/masonry-3-cols/. This theme is a perfect layout for makeup articles and images as it is almost identical to Pinterest.

The way I would organise the content on the page is putting the article I think would be clicked on the most. To do this, I would do an audience research by surveying females who are 15-25 on what they are most interested in from a list of articles I will be uploading.

Daze also has easy access to everything around the site such as if the visitors were viewing on a mobile phone or tablet, they can tap on the images to view articles.

With there being no menu listing all articles and just images with titles as there is too many, there is a search tool in the navigation bar at the top of the page to find exactly what the viewers are looking for.

From doing my research on existing web magazines such as Cosmopolitan, I am encouraged to involve interactive media to attract more people and make it a different page for them from what they are used to. My ideas are to include videos, gifs etc. Also, adding a comments section to the page would give a chance for the audience to ask questions and get more information from the site. Additionally, most webzines and web magazines have social media links in their navigation bar as this brings them wider recognition which this theme also has.

For the images of my webzine, I will be taking photos of models with makeup that I will be writing about in my articles. I will be writing about different makeup looks, how to achieve them, the best tips, tools to use, where to buy etc. I think this page will be a good read because our generation of females are very interested in this topic and it seems to be increasing as new launches come out to the market.

The Daze theme is similar to the theme famous fashion and beauty vlogger/blogger Zoe Sugg uses for her website https://www.zoella.co.uk. This site has everything I have mentioned previously and looks very feminine because of the similar makeup/fashion content.


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