5.2.1 and 5.2.2 Tracy Radio script and vox pop interviews

Vox pop interview

For the vox pop interview, we worked in a group of 3 to think of open questions to ask students around Hillsborough College. Our chosen question was: “What do you think of students with fake ID, are they worth the risk?”. We then went out and interviewed 5 students with the same question and recorded their answers on a zoom mic. After going through the answers we got, we chose 2 that we thought suited best for our project. These were the clear spoken and easy to understand recordings.

Problems I faced was background noise as we was in a college environment. Also, we had to approach more people to interview as college students aren’t really used to being approached for an interview all the time. We had to find more confident students willing to give good answers. It took time and repeating the question over and over again for the students to understand properly.

The key rules of writing a radio script is:

  • KISS- keep it short and sweet, it is important to keep a radio script short and simple because many people switch off after a presenter talks too long about a certain story. You should give all the information needed (who,what,where,when,why).
  • Don’t use complicated words. It should be easy to understand as people can’t search what a complicated word means as soon as they hear it on the radio as they do when they see it on the internet or newspaper because they will miss the rest of the story.
  • Keep punctuation simple, if the script is short there won’t be much need for as many pauses.
  • Write out hard-to-say words, this way it stops you from pronouncing wrong or pausing for a certain amount of time to try and figure out how to pronounce the word.

After we had an attempt of recording our radio script, we came back to it and improved some parts which didn’t make sense or wasn’t needed in the script to keep it short and simple.

Draft Script 1:

Cue In: Good afternoon, I’m Melissa Akay.

Radio Intro: A crackdown is now commencing in Sheffield run by the police. Tougher measures are now being taken.

The move comes after 700 fake IDs were confiscated from under 18’s, between 2011 and 2015.

I asked two Hillsborough College students what they thought of students with fake IDs and was it worth the risk?

Faiza Mohammed, 17, Health and Social Care student tells SoundRadio: (cut to interview)

Lilly Turner, 18, Public Services student tells SoundRadio: (cut to interview)


Draft Script 2:

A masked man armed with a gun robbed an off-licence in Wincobank leaving the shop owner in terror.

The incident happened around 7.20pm on Friday January 8 at Newman Off Licence, Newman Road, Wincobank.

The man had been attempting to steal the till before taking money and leaving the shop, threatening the shop owner with a gun which is now believed to be an imitation.


Draft Script 3:

Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday football players were welcomed to a Woodhouse primary school for the opening of their new library.

Pupils of Brunswick Primary School were even more excited when they saw the local football players for the opening on 8th January Friday.

Brunswick School wants to encourage more reading amongst pupils and may even train some to be librarians.

Cue Out: This is SoundRadio.


I had to improve the last two news story scripts as they were difficult to read and I had to shorten them because of timing problems.


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