Unit 12 Specialist Study Essay Proposal

Title: An investigation into the marketing techniques used by online lifestyle magazines to target their audience

Aims: I plan on using primary and secondary research to explore how marketing techniques are used in online media to target the audience of lifestyle magazines, specifically 16-25 year old females. I will be conducting academic research and using cultural sources to explore how marketing techniques are currently used. As well as doing secondary research I will be doing primary research. I will be doing audience research to find out their opinions on how different magazines target their audience through marketing. I also aim to stand out with my product as I am trying to defy the stereotypical magazines aimed at the audience I have for my fmp. My unique selling point of the webzine is that I am going against stereotypes of certain content being aimed at just one gender. For example, content related to cars cannot just be aimed at males.


The specialist study I will be doing will help me achieve the best of my webzine:  My webzine will be called ‘BuseBeauty’ as I already have my own personal makeup blog called this. I think it is a unique and attractive name. The tabs I will have on my webzine are: Home, Beauty, Life, Moments.

My specialist study will give me an idea of how I can target my audience on my webzine. This will also give me an idea of how I will be marketing my product to attract my audience.

This study will also help me in my future career as I am gaining broad knowledge on marketing techniques.

Research Sources:

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McMorran, A (2016) 20 of the Best Highlighters [online] date accessed: 07/12/2016- http://www.redonline.co.uk/beauty/product-reviews/the-best-highlighters

Usmar, J (2017) 5 Ways to Feel Instantly Better About Yourself [online] date accessed: 14/02/2017- http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/body/advice/a32418/5-ways-to-feel-instantly-better-about-yourself/

Click Consult (2015) How Social Media Advertising Works [online] date accessed: 25/01/2017- http://www.click.co.uk/blog/how-social-media-advertising-works-2/

Lancaster, G. Massingham. L (1993) Essentials of Marketing, McGraw-Hill Book Company Europe

Jay, R (1996) The Essential Marketing Sourcebook, Pitman Publishing

Funk, T (2011) Social Media Playbook for Business, Praeger


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