Shelina 6.1.1 Investigating Visual Production and Technology- Narrative Structure

Narrative Structure: Story. How you organise/ tell/ present the story. How one sequences the events of the story.

Linear narrative structure: When the events of the story are told in chronological order (the order in which the events happened)

Non-linear narrative structure: Non-chronological, use of flashbacks.

Single strand narrative structure: One main story (+sub-plots)

Multi-strand narrative structure: (e.g. Love Actually, Pulp Fiction and soaps.) Several storylines running alongside one another.

Open ended narrative:

Closed narrative:


Todorov Theory: All narratives are based on the classic narrative structure.

  • At the beginning of the story: The Equilibrium Stage (means balance, stability, state of normality)
  • Middle of the story: The Disruption to the Equilibrium. Normality disrupted.
  • End of the story: The Resolution Stage. A new Equilibrium is established.

Levi-Strauss’ Theory: All narratives are based on conflict.

E.g. Good vs Evil, Law vs Criminals, Old vs New- binary oppositions (conflict).


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