8.4.1 Reflective Journal

Final Major Project- Reflective Journal



The first steps of planning for my FMP, I created sketches of what I wanted my project design to look like. Mindmaps became very helpful to me as well as the notes I wrote down for myself to look back on throughout the whole project. I made a note of what I want out of this project and what my goals are.



I started researching about everything I need for my magazine, which front covers I liked the look of, what layout I want for my double page spreads and what theme I would go for according to the subject I chose. I found that it is important to keep checking back on other magazines to keep ideas fresh in my mind however, I like to create my own design and layout keeping it interesting and entertaining for the audience.



For proposal week I wrote the project concept and my aims for the fmp. I kept it fairly simple such as writing that I wanted to achieve my best for the magazine’s look and content.



I started the production of the final major project after all the planning and research. I realise now how important it was to do research and plan beforehand as it helps a lot when it comes to doing the actual thing. Things that went wrong were small things such as confusion due to a last minute idea change but I easily overcame that and carried on with the project. I feel like I could have done with more time to plan my magazine however, this means I should speed up my working keeping the same quality work or maybe higher. There is a lot I could improve on but I think the biggest need in a project is more time. As I was going through with doing the project, I changed my mind on a lot of things that I had originally planned to do.



I created a mood board of magazine front covers and double page spreads of the magazines I enjoy reading because the design interests me just as much as the content. Again, this mood board really helped me start my magazine and gave me an idea of what I should put where on my magazine.



I wrote the text plan of my magazine as a draft, what I could talk about and some notes on it. This made it so much easier for me to write down everything on the magazine when it actually came to doing it. To improve, I could have saved a copy of the plan I did for the design of the magazine and the double page spreads.



I started the design of my magazine on InDesign, after I had a look at a couple of online and print magazines for inspiration. I had limitations when it came to design, because I had to be careful of copyright and for this reason I don’t think my design was the best. I kept it simple just to be sure and so it doesn’t look cluttered.



I spent this day finishing taking the last of my photographs and started editing them finding out that adjusting the simple things such as brightness and contrast can make such a difference in a photograph making it look much more professional. It took me a lot of time to get the right photos because I had to make arrangements whether it be the models for the shoot or to book the photo studio at college. If I had more time, I would have been able to take better photos, especially for the front cover of my magazine as my idea was totally different for the cover image however, I had to stick with the photos that I already had.



I finished and sent off my final production piece after doing the last minute editing. While I was doing this, I learnt new techniques on InDesign and Photoshop for example how to add shapes for the design on the double page spreads, change the colour of the background which all made the magazine look better overall. I feel like I had to do most of the work on this day and tried my best so I am happy with the final piece however, if I allowed myself more time it could definitely be improved.



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