After Dark

After Dark is a firework display which is organized every year at Don Valley in Sheffield. The event starts at 6, with rides, food and music for the audience to enjoy until the 9pm display. I interviewed family and friends on their thoughts of the whole event and display.


Here are some questions I asked my friend Hurayyah Luqmaan:

  • What do you think of the entertainment?

– The entertainment brilliant as usual, keeps families and children busy until the display, but don’t forget to take some change with you (no ATMs).

  • What did you think of the firework display?

-Stunning, breath-taking and bright!

  • What was the best part of the event?

-The fireworks obviously. It was worth freezing my ears off.


Here are some questions I asked my parents:

  • How organised was the event?

-Pretty well organised, quick entry, big field so not too crowded in one place.

  • Who did you bring with you?

-My two daughters and her friend.

  • What do you think of the prices?

-Prices are usually similar in events like this, it’s okay for a one off event once a year.

  • There is always a parking issue at Don Valley when After Dark is on. How do you think they should resolve this?

-Unless you go early and pay you have to park all around Don Valley wherever you can find space. It’s a nightmare and you have to walk in the cold to get to the event. I don’t really think there is a solution for parking at Don Valley.

After Dark is a phenomenal celebration for Bonfire Night, don’t miss out on next years event!


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