11.2.1 Evaluation for Mock Interview

Unit 11 is about preparing for future studying and employment.

I created a fact file on my goals and targets within my course and for future employment. I then wrote my personal statement, adjusted my CV and covering letter for the job I would be applying for after I finish the course I will hopefully be studying in university. I researched self promotion, created a digital portfolio, researched the company, job role, and planned for my mock interview.

The position I was applying for was: Marketing Assistant at Network Marketing. I researched all aspects of marketing and public relations as this is what I am interested in studying and pursuing a career on. This interview consisted of questions on marketing and PR and what I have studied so far, preparing me for a real life interview in the future.

To apply for the job, I sent an e-mail to the interviewer attached with my CV and cover letter with an introduction of what position I was applying for, as you would in a real interview.

I had researched a lot more in detail than what was asked in the interview. However, I was confident because I had the knowledge of the job role. I also have a lot of experience in job interviews and have been successful at the end of many of them, so I noted what skills I have when it comes to interviews.

When it came to showing evidence of the work that I have produced prior to the interview, I had already printed relevant work to show the interviewer and planned how I will be explaining these. This was a way of showing my organisation skills and how I put effort in and take pride in my work.

I also thought about questions I would like to ask the interviewer at the end. I usually impress interviewers with my questions as they don’t expect any. Here are some:

  • What is your favourite part of your job role?
  • What are the benefits of working here?
  • How did you get into this job?

The interviewer made me aware of my weaknesses and strengths after the interview had finished. She said I was very confident the way I positioned myself and spoke to her. She also mentioned I smiled often and kept my eye contact. My weaknesses were said to be that my CV could have been in a better order, such as listing the more important information on the front page, and also keeping it short. I took the advice and edited my CV to meet her standards as soon as I could.

I made notes of what the interviewer pointed out about my weaknesses as this made me want to improve for my next interview whether it be a job or university interview.

Through this process, I learnt that your CV is your first and most important step to getting the job. If you adjust your CV to the company’s standards, you are half way there. As for the interview, as long as you are confident, stand out and know about your job role and company, you have a high chance of guaranteeing a place.



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