FMP ideas and research


1st post

Carver Street populars/Sheffield Club Guide infographic on the most popular club on Carver Street, a map of top 10 clubs numbered 1-10 with images for the photojournalism piece and below a brief description of the clubs: music type, average spend, age group.. Amount of likes with an image of Facebook likes thumb and amount of likes they have received on Facebook next to the name of the club.

Top 10 Nightclubs in Sheffield

  1. The Viper Rooms- 54099 likes
  2. Plug-51844
  3. Leadmill-50265
  4. Corporation-41873
  5. Niche-39038
  6. Tank-31256
  7. Crystal-17287
  8. Players-13899
  9. Paris-12683
  10. Area-11357

2nd post

Tourist Attractions

5 places to go, features, photos etc.


Sheffield makeup artist success story

3rd post

Street art- the meaning behind the paintings

Articles (Research)

MUA article

For my makeup artist success story I have selected popular makeup artists of Sheffield whom I have heard of before, worked alongside and also follow on social media. I will be conducting more research on the selected makeup artists:

  • Katie Daley MUA- @misskda (Instagram)
  • Megan Lewis MUA- @meganlewismakeupartist (Instagram)
  • Anisah Lasebai MUA- @anisah_lasebai (Instagram)
  • Georgia Cutts MUA- @grgctts (Instagram)

Katie Daley is a Sheffield-based professional freelance MUA who has been in the makeup industry for 5 years (https://www.facebook.com/pg/katiedaleymua/about/?ref=page_internal). She is from Rotherham and covers makeup for her clients varying looks from high end fashion to bridal. Recently, she has created her own event to fill in her clients with priceless information of a “Masterclass” mirroring ‘The Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovio’ professional makeup artist of Kim Kardashian. (She also met them!) At the moment, she has 59.4k followers on her Instagram page and is very proud of how far she has come.

Megan Lewis is the proud owner of the very popular Makeup Lounge located in Rotherham. Popular with her modern makeup looks she ranges them from natural to glam. She posts many photos on her Instagram page which consists of her clients finished makeup looks, before and after photos and also other services she provides in her salon. She has a follower count of 12.7k whom are all fans of  Megan Lewis’ makeup. (https://www.instagram.com/meganlewismakeupartist/?hl=en)

Anisah Lasebai is also a professional freelance makeup artist, specialising in Bridal. She has demonstrated her how-to’s and tips and tricks at Illamasqua Debenhams, Meadowhall before for her beloved clients hence always receiving 5 star reviews (https://www.facebook.com/AnisahLasebai/). Anisah is also very popular amongst the young girls of Sheffield with 22.8k followers on Instagram.

Georgia Cutts, professionally trained – specialises in prom, bridal and evening makeup. She has furthered her career, working for high end beauty counters such as MAC and most recently Nars, Meadowhall. With the large amount of followers of 155k on her Instagram, the young MUA has built herself up by blogging as well as sharing photos of her makeup looks on mainly herself and sometimes clients. She is portrayed to be the “bubbly lass” on social media.

Research done, I now plan to contact one chosen makeup artist to interview about how they made it to where they are now and if they have any further goals. I will either contact them via e-mail displayed on their social media or via Instagram. I wish to plan the date with them and meet up with my questions at the ready (below). I also wish to take photos of either their makeup or their clients makeup to show the quality of work. I want to write an introduction to my article from my research


2 thoughts on “FMP ideas and research

  1. Sorry can not make a comment on your proposal.
    Could you provide a list on your proposal of the secondary sources that you intend to use. Please remember to use Harvard referencing, ask for help if you need it.


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