Unit 13 FMP

Street Art- Sheffield


Street art is growing more and more in Sheffield.

It is a good way for the artists to connect with the public with their feelings flowing through the paint in the walls.
Almost every back road you walk down in the city centre has some sort of art, sprayed with passion and love.

So, what is street art?

Artist and chairman of Sheffield Antiques Quarter, Hendrika Stephens, said street art is a mixture of legitimate and illegal art to be found on and around our city streets.

She also said that in theory, street art is anything that adds a creative element to the streets so graffiti tagging could be considered as street art too.

“We are using street art to combat anti-social behaviour and to engage the community.”

Street art has increased with the permission of the council to stop youths tagging the walls of the city. Instead, the walls have beautiful colours with meaning.

FullSizeRender (1)

There is even a website just for street art in Sheffield. A man who enjoys walking through the city, taking photos on his phone and sharing them to the public online to persuade them to visit his beloved city of Sheffield.

It is a way for them to keep the public of Sheffield up to date with where there are street art and where the new ones have been painted by which artist. It is a information full, colourful site with love for street art.

Street art started getting more intense and more meaningful at the beginning of this century, from then onwards it has evolved into a beautiful artistic development.

Sheffield artists are adding more beauty to our city with substantial art. It is something that is definitely growing day by day and an exquisite attraction to tourists.

These paintings can be very inspirational to the citizens and the town of art. It is a pleasant addition to the Green City.

Some business owners are influenced by the art around Sheffield, painting on their shutters and buildings for customer attraction.

Billy’s Story:

I was inspired to do street art since I was younger because of my cousin. He was a graffiti writer and it always fascinated me how many different ways there really is to drawing letters.

I’ve been into street art since I was really young, I’m more into graffiti street art, I feel like I can express myself in ways with it in which ways you decide to draw your letters and colours.

~ ~ ~ ~

What are your opinions on street art in Sheffield?

Please take your time to comment below.

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