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#1 – Sheffield Makeup Artist Success Story 


A Sheffield makeup artist with almost 60,000 Instagram followers has given top tips on how to be successful in the beauty industry.

Katie Daley, 26, known as @misskda on Instagram, has given a sneak peek into her life as a makeup artist with some exclusive advice.

Sheffield has an increasing amount of young girls who are desperate to perfect their makeup skills and wanting to pursue a career in the industry. There are many girls from Sheffield that are professionally trained and either work on a beauty counter, a salon or freelance.

Katie Daley is a Sheffield-based professional freelance MUA who has been in the makeup industry for 5 years (source).

She is from Rotherham and covers makeup for her clients varying looks from high end fashion to bridal.

Recently, she has created her own event to fill in her clients with priceless information of a “Masterclass” mirroring ‘The Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovio’ professional makeup artist of Kim Kardashian.

At the moment, she has 59.4k followers on her Instagram page and is very proud of how far she has come.

So, I sat down with Katie and had a little Q&A:

  • When did you start getting into makeup?
  • 2009, I was in college at Retford studying fashion and photographic makeup and media level 3. I used to dance and that is what kind of got me into makeup as I was doing my own makeup.
  • Has this always been your desired career?
  • I kind of fell into it I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I left school, I used to do my own makeup for dance but I had always been quite arty anyway.
  • Tell me what you do on a daily basis.
  • It completely differs sometimes I have an admin day depends on the month, if it is summer it’s weddings I can be up and down the country, I never really get a day off but I love my job.
  • Tell me your journey throughout your career in makeup. How did you start? What problems did you face? What is your proudest moment?
  • At Retford College I was in a job at MAC when I was 18 I was there for 5 years doing different events like fashion weeks. I decided to take the punch and go freelance I have been doing it for 3 years and a lot of clients followed me for my reputation from MAC. My proudest moment was getting on the front cover of the OK magazine with mcfly for their wedding, Ellie Goulding was there too! Another proud moment is meeting Kim Kardashian.
  • What advice would you give to new-beginners?
  • Don’t lose focus on what you want because there’s that much competition, if you’re determined to be the best makeup artist keep focused on what you’re doing, be yourself don’t be work shy.
  • Would you do anything differently?
  • Maybe get a salon a lot sooner because I’m looking to get one at the moment.



#2 – Sheffield Street Art


Street art is growing more and more in Sheffield. It is a good way for the artists to connect with the public with their feelings flowing through the paint in the walls.
Almost every back road you walk down in the city centre has some sort of graffiti, sprayed with passion and love.

Street art has increased with the permission of the council to stop youths tagging the walls of the city. Instead, the walls have beautiful colours with meaning.

FullSizeRender (1)

There is even a website just for street art in Sheffield. A man who enjoys walking through the city, taking photos on his phone and sharing them to the public online to persuade them to visit his beloved city of Sheffield. http://streetartsheffield.com/

Street Art Sheffield have created their own Twitter @streetartsheff, run by @drmonkeyninja this shows the passion for art within Sheffield.

It is a way for them to keep the public of Sheffield up to date with where there are street art and where the new ones have been painted by which artist. It is a information full, colourful site with love for street art and graffiti.

Street art started getting more intense and more meaningful at the beginning of this century, from then onwards it has evolved into a beautiful artistic development.

Sheffield artists are adding more beauty to our city with substantial art. It is something that is definitely growing day by day and an exquisite attraction to tourists.

These paintings can be very inspirational to the citizens and the town of art. It is a pleasant addition to the Green City.

Some business owners are influenced by the art around Sheffield, painting on their shutters and buildings for customer attraction.

Billy’s Story:

I was inspired to do street art since I was younger because of my cousin. He was a graffiti writer and it always fascinated me how many different ways there really is to drawing letters.

I’ve been into street art since I was really young, I’m more into graffiti street art, I feel like I can express myself in ways with it in which ways you decide to draw your letters and colours.

~ ~ ~ ~

What are your opinions on street art in Sheffield?

Please take your time to comment below.

FullSizeRender (2)


#3 – Hashtag

Instagram Captions for car lovers inspired by Instagrammer @s33_yuu_b

Consistent users of Instagram who have their profile public tend to hashtag words linked to their images they post. This bumps up their followers and likes as it gets seen by a lot more users. The 10 most popular ones used in 2017 are: (Source)

#love, #instagood, #me, #tbt, #cute, #follow,

#followme, #photooftheday, #happy, #tagforlikes

However, the car-loving society of Instagram have come up with amazing hashtags over time to get noticed. They have the popular hashtag for each day of the week. With what they hashtag, they upload a photo matching the description. I asked for permission from Instagrammer @s33_yuu_b to show you. So, let’s start with Monday…

Monday- “Motivation Monday”

FullSizeRender (8)

Tuesday- “Tooshie Tuesday”

FullSizeRender (5)

Wednesday- “Wheel Wednesday”


Thursday- “Throwback Thursday”

FullSizeRender (3)

Friday- “Front end Friday”

FullSizeRender (2)


Saturday- “Side shot Saturday”

FullSizeRender (6)

Sunday- “Sexy Sunday”

FullSizeRender (4)


#4 – Top 10 Sheffield Nightclubs

Top 10 Nightclubs in Sheffield based on Facebook likes:

  1. The Viper Rooms- 54099 1400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  2. Plug-518441400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  3. Leadmill-502651400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  4. Corporation-418731400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  5. Niche-390381400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  6. Tank-312561400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  7. Crystal-172871400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  8. Players-138991400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  9. Paris-126831400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  10. Area-113571400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png

The Viper Rooms:

Vipers are a student sensation especially on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Tuesday’s are Tribeca Tuesday’s, where girls go free before 11.30pm and on top of that get a free drink! Thursday’s are Quids In, for just £1 entry and cheap drinks, it’s a students favourite place of course. Viper have all sorts of offers for the days that they are open, for more information visit The Viper Rooms Official Website, http://sheffield.theviperrooms.com/


Plug are usually a host to many largely advertised events in Sheffield. Artists such as Krept and Konan, Geko and Sheffield’s very own Arctic Monkeys have played in this venue. Think of it as a second o2 Academy. Bar, DJ, live music, lights and a wild crowd. What more could a night need?


“Leadmill has been voted Sheffield’s best live music venue” (source). Leadmill has previously been a host to national artists such as Coldplay, Kasabian and Kings of Leon leaving fans with a huge smile at the end of the night.

Corporation aka Corp:

“You’ll never leave” says it all. This live band venue plays house garage, dance and rock. “They have been voted into the top 3 Rock Clubs in the UK” and with cheap drinks, centre of town, every students place-to-be for Friday night.


Niche is the ultimate, old school nightclub brought back with a bang. If you’re stuck in the olden but golden days and never fail to sing along to Heartbroken by T2 when it comes up on your playlist, this is the place to be. The name of the club says it all. Playing underground house, garage and bassline go ahead and put your hands in the air for this one.


Sheffield’s underground house music venue is popular for reasons varying from after parties for big events happening in and around Sheffield to bringing DJ’s like Jamie Duggan to the decks. Perfect for strolling in with your trainers to do a little lean and bop.


Here is a bar by day club by night, classy little place. Find your best outfit and enter for just £5. Best on a Friday night for all the classic hits, music ranging from hip hop to R&B, maybe even reggae! Very high class decor and even an outdoor heated area. Can’t go wrong.


Described as the “glamorous cocktail bar” Players has everyone starting their night with a bang. The atmosphere is great, suitable for all ages, friendly staff and the centre of the party life based on West Street, with your pre’s finished, your favourite nightclub is right around the corner.


Baby Got Back and Scene Saturdays own Carver Street on the weekend. With cheap entry and cheap drinks in a classy venue, Paris is competition for Crystal across the road. Music varying from hip hop to R&B, what’s not to love?


Replacing the beloved Embrace, Area has attracted many students with their £1.50 drinks and spoilt for choice in songs. With 4 rooms playing different music, walk from one to another and enjoy everything from house to R&B to garage to grime It’s all in there. If that wasn’t enough, Cirque Saturdays present you with dancers, firebreathers and even aerialists.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.57.43.png


#5 – Abandoned Sheffield

Here I set out to find the horrored abandoned places in Sheffield. The gloomy, dark settings which are perfect for scenes in horror films. It may not be Halloween, but the spring weather is perfect to go out on an adventure if you are up for the scare.

Not far from the city centre, Neepsend is home to this building I found on my travels.

Believed to be the disused Cannon Brewary,  here is a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is an exclusive image from Jamie L. of empty holes where the copper kettles would have been:



#6 – Silversmiths Hell Kitchen


Local British Restaurant located just next to the main building of Hallam University had a visit from Gordon Ramsay in 2011.

Previously named Runaway Girl was a run down business and owner-back-then Justin Rowtree could not cope.

Struggles brought Ramsay to Sheffield to help the Spanish Tapas food hall change into a fine British restaurant, attracting many from all over Yorkshire for all the right reasons.

Featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen, you can see the difference in the restaurant from before Gordon visited and after. Relationships were falling apart with the business sliding through Justin’s hands.

It was a mess.

The restaurant has since then changed owner and renewed staff. It has recently been through a refurbishment resulting in a bigger and better attraction for customers.

Silversmiths have updated everything including their website which is now looking very inviting and mouth-watering.

They now proudly host weddings and events such as Gin Tasting and even competitions! They have set the bar high for restaurants nearby.

Silversmiths are now an inspiration to restaurant owners, and definitely an example to follow.

~ ~ ~ ~

Interview with Tina, manager of Silversmiths,

  • Who called Gordon Ramsay for help and why?

The previous owner, Justin Rowtree, called Gordon Ramsay for help and guidance, the place was a disaster.

  • How was your restaurant before the visit?

Very disorganised, Justin was the problem.

  • How long did it take you to get the restaurant to the standards it is at now?

Immediately, as you can see on the show, it stayed like that, we just recently had a refurbishment about a year ago, since then it’s been quite good, we’ve had awards after awards.

Additional information from waitress, Helena:

How was Silversmiths when it was Runaway Girl?

I have only worked here 2 years however, I have watched the episode online and the place looked like a strip club with dark, padded walls and spotlights on the floor. It was messy and did not look like a restaurant at all. It has really turned around since then.


#7 – Benefit Brows

Here is what the amazing Benefit Beauty Counter at Meadowhall Boots does to their clients for those of you who have never been. Here is Sophie, getting her eyebrows waxed and tinted and Megan showing you how it’s done.


“The best Benefit product you could purchase for eyebrows is Precisely, My Brow Pencil”– Megan, Benefit Beauty Consultant.


#8 – Sheffield Tattoo Parlour: Artist Speaks

Here is Gregg from Van Schaicks Tattoo and Piercing Cafe, Hillsborough. Van Schaicks is a busy tattoo parlour all for the right reasons. With fantastic reviews for cover-ups, tattoos and piercings, the place is a must-visit if you are wanting a body modification. Amazing banter and hospitality makes it all worth the pain!

Gregg, 67, has been in the tattooing industry for 50 years and has been kind enough to share some of his knowledge and experiences he had throughout the years.


#9 – Are Urban Gyms Taking Over? Urban vs Mainstream

Recently the war between urban and mainstream gyms have left fitness fanatics questioning where to go.

As a customer, you have to keep in mind prices, location and what sort of facilities the gym has to offer that suits your body, lifestyle and choices.

This is generally what helps you decide on which gym to choose. But, what if there’s more to it than you think?

Urban gyms are precise, focused and personal. They are small buildings in general, which means small classes for your comfort.

They tend to create a community of their own within the gym with very similar age groups and goals etc. If you find the one that you fit in with perfectly, then that’s the one that is going to get your summer body.

Urban gyms are all different to each other, depending on the location and what people are asking for. They have a very restricted amount of classes as oppose to mainstream gyms with plenty of classes to choose from.

Quick Quiz!

Did you make an excuse every P.E. lesson in school?

A) Yes     B) No

Do you tend to go shy exercising around a large group of people on different levels of fitness?

A) Yes     B) No

Would you rather jog where no one knows you, than run a mile around the block you live?

A) Yes     B) No

If you answered A to all those questions, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and achieve your best in an urban gym.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an urban gym?

Prices can be higher than mainstream gym memberships. Although these vary, you may end up spilling out a little bit more cash than you expected. However, this does get you a more personalised session in the gym. With not many of you in there, your instructor will be able to focus on each of you individually, working out what is best for your needs and goals. This includes a healthy diet plan, daily regime and advice.

Some urban gyms are only session-based. So you pick a class you love, and you attend that for your fitness and health. The Fitness Room, Sheffield, is the perfect example. Will and Katie, owners of TFR know all their clients needs and lifestyle, this is a prime example of urban gym instructors giving their full attention to you when needed.

A small class and weekly attendees mean you get to know everyone in that session in time. This makes the atmosphere a much more relaxed and friendly place to be in. This will also boost your confidence as you are with familiar people, so you will enjoy what you do more minus the insecurities.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mainstream gym?

A mainstream gym is affordable. You receive lots of offers included with your membership such as weekly classes, or maybe even access to the steam room if your gym provides one. The downside to these gyms are that unless you pay more for a personal trainer, you don’t tend to get the help you need. When there are no instructors to keep an eye on you, this increases the risk of you injuring yourself with no supervision especially if you are just a beginner.


Here is a conversation with Will from The Fitness Room to set things out straight with you…

Why did you decide to open your own gym?

I used to train a lot, doing boxing when I was younger, I started working where I had a job sat down constantly which caused my health to deteriorate. I went back into what made me happy, training and exercising. I took my previous knowledge and opened my own gym, I wanted to make a change.

Would you class this gym as a mainstream or urban gym and why?

Probably urban because I used to train in urban/underground gyms. However, similar set ups would probably call themselves mainstream. It’s all to do with the clientele you are trying to attract. Everybody is welcome, we don’t have a price or fitness restriction on it, we’re more relaxed definitely not a commercial gym, it’s like a mixed style little bit of a cross over.

What do you think makes people choose different gyms?

People choose where you’re comfortable training. Often people don’t enjoy exercise. Most do it for a goal, we get people come here because the style of training is more personal and the atmosphere and locality will determine who goes where.

What advice would you give a fitness lover? E.g nutrition, training.

General advice would be find something you enjoy, eat whole natural foods but don’t get hung up about your food or weight, don’t get too religious with it and try and exercise regularly but balance it with resting too, that is key.

How would you lure them into coming to your gym?

Other than traditional marketing advertising our main way of attracting people is word of mouth or social media, Facebook is good for marketing and communicating. We talk about what we do here and who comes here, getting them comfortable before they come in. We set people goals but we don’t enforce it.

Why are you only a session-based gym? What sort of sessions do you offer?

We offer majority of them, hit training, pilates etc. People want a structure, what time they arrive and leave, what they are getting. I think treadmills and going around machines in the gym is an old mentality. You need to be able to enjoy yourself. We can advise people which sessions to come to. Everyone has their own take on urban gyms and none are the same.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy helping people and the freedom of being my own boss, it is something I love doing. It’s what I did as a hobby when I was younger. What I have done in my life has allowed me to get to where I am as a living. I used to be a freelance video producer, done a lot of travelling and a lot of sitting at desks, ended up teaching part time at Sheffield college for 10 years and it wasn’t my cup of tea. I came back to what makes me happy.