Production Report


I have produced 10 journalistic pieces of work which are:

  • 5 written submissions
  • a blog
  • a review
  • 2 photojournalism pieces
  • a multimedia package

In this report I will be exploring how I have used my journalistic skills to produce content for a certain audience, explain how I planned, researched and wrote articles. Also, I will be talking about my strengths and weaknesses that I have become aware of throughout my production.

Key Principles of Journalistic Writing

Online- For online articles, depending on what type of articles these are, varying from online news sites to blogs, journalists write in different manners.

Online news sites are usually short and snappy articles to fill in the reader with enough information, not extra. With these come images and possibly videos to add on the article.

The audience who tend to read online news are looking for quick information, so they usually just skim read the articles and pick out important points.

To make the process quicker, the news site or any other online site could take advantage of being able to make the story interactive so they may add a video that explains the article or a footage of what the news is about. The videos are usually less than 5 minutes. Along with the video, the journalist must write a caption that introduces the video which links it to the article.

You will find that online writing is much more out there and usually informal. There are no complications or too much to take in for the reader making it easy for them to read and get information with no force to understand.

In comparison to online writing, news stories and features are a lot longer because they have more detail. However, looking further into this, news stories answer your basic questions of who, what, where, when and why.

Features are much longer because writers do not want to give the audience information straight away. Readers do not usually have patience to read a feature because of its length. Therefore, features are made to be more interesting.

The articles I wrote are relevant to my audience because I aimed them at the general audience; both genders, all ages (mainly 16-24).

I produced content to interest the age group which I am in. Not everyone is interested in the same stories, so I decided to make a variety of posts to also fit in with my online magazine based on lifestyle.

I based my primary and secondary research on these posts and the magazine in general. Some of this included researching how online magazines market themselves and target audiences.

I set myself an example of what I want to achieve at the end of my production by researching popular online lifestyle magazines that are already out there.

Cosmopolitan is a big influence to me as I already read it myself. However, I wanted my articles to be individual, my own unique posts. Although I got ideas from Cosmo and other online magazines, I preferred to make my articles more about my personal interests to make it different and attempt to stand out in this industry.

As I have my own blog, I set myself deadlines for the articles I post. So this made it easy for me arrange articles for this production. Organisation in everything is key, especially when it comes to writing. Readers awaiting for posts at good quality and a specific time. Big online magazines have publish a large amount of posts every day, keeping their audience updated and although I cannot produce content as such, I have my own standards to meet. Such as, having a specific date to publish posts, giving myself enough time to plan and write, proof-read and add my own images too.

Before I started writing for my production, as I went about my daily life, I would make notes on what I enjoy, what interests me and what I would like to read and know more about. This lead on to me generating ideas for my articles. I arranged interviews to receive opinions in my articles from various people with different interests.

I have kept all articles news related, yet fun. I also made sure my photography and editing was the best it could be. I think interactive media is essential for online magazines because you do not have them in print magazines. The quality of the image/video brings attention to the content.

My strengths in this topic would be that I am creative, once I have an idea I can find ways to make it work in several different ways. In my copy, my photography and editing stood out and I received good feedback. I also think I keep my articles simple yet interesting and from the survey answers I can see that my audience will read more articles written by myself.

Problems I came across was rushing my ideas for the production in the beginning, as I found myself coming up with better ideas later and proceeding with them.

In conclusion, I have learnt a lot to improve myself on and keep using the techniques I originally used for my final major project.






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