Unit 13 FMP

FMP Reflective Journal

Reflecting on my final major project I believe I could have allowed more time for planning as ideas came throughout the FMP. Prior research and effort for time-saving would have helped me produce a better quality piece. I admit if I could have focused entirely on the FMP with little or no personal issues distracting me throughout the production, I would have most definitely been capable of completing much more high quality content this year. However, I believe the problems I came across in the production, has allowed me to better my journalistic skills as a whole. This got me thinking of bigger and better ideas and ways to improve.

I found that primary research before commencing a production is critical. Research prevented me from making major mistakes and providing incorrect information to the audience. Secondary research is just as important to me. Finding out information first hand has taught me various skills such as confidence in approaching people and improved communication.

Throughout the duration of this course, I would like to believe that I have improved my journalistic writing skills to a publishable quality as I have understood from previous audience feedback. Acknowledging the fact that I have been made aware my future articles would be interesting to read by teenagers, inspires me to continue writing in my own unique style professionally.

Receiving audience feedback also allowed me to improve myself and my terms of writing. Before publishing content to the public, feedback from a selected audience was an eye opener on if I should modify my content more towards their liking. This has also been great feedback for the future.

To conclude, this project has taught me problem-solving, time management and relations with the public in a highly educational manner.


One thought on “FMP Reflective Journal

  1. In your reflective journal, it is good to see that you are keeping up to date with this, one of your entries seems a little bit minimal, please make sure you include as much detail as possible.

    In your proposal it might be an idea to try and outline the theme/ genre of your product.


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