Magazine Audience Research Project

OK! Magazine

The magazine I researched within a group was the OK! magazine. From the research results I found that OK! was mainly aimed at female audiences because of the layout, theme, content and also advertisements.

The articles are based on celebrities and gossip attracting a majority of female audiences rather than male. However, in our quantitative secondary research we found that male audiences do read the OK! magazine, even if it is a small percentage. This data was collected from the NRS website http://www.nrs.co.uk/.

The demographic information of this magazine is as the NRS website states that OK! magazine is mainly read by people aged 35+. In the survey we did we only asked people aged between 16-17 which concluded in not as accurate results as we would have liked. However, the 16-17 age group did not read the OK! magazine which supports the NRS websites information.

When it comes to gender, statistics show that more women read the OK! magazine than men although a lot of men read the magazine too.

As for the socio-economic status the NRS website it states that more ABC1 adults read the OK! magazine compared to the C2DE adults.

The psychographic information of this magazine is that the target audience of the OK! magazine has an interest in celebrity life and gossip. This makes the audience go into two groups of mainstreamers and aspirers.


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