The Magazine Industry

An Investigation into the Careers, Job Vacancies, Internships and Training Opportunities offered by Bauer Media Group and Hearst Magazines UK

At Hearst Magazines UK the different career opportunities to take on are:

  • Advertising/Sales
  • Corporate
  • Digital/Technology
  • Editorial
  • Internships/Graduate Scheme
  • Marketing,Communications and Events

I am particularly interested in the Editorial section which includes job opportunities in Art/Design/Picture, Beauty, Digital, Fashion, Features, Production, Subbing, Style.

The Beauty section says:

“Encompassing make-up, hair, health and fitness, it’s not just about observing new products, but also keeping up-to-date with campaigns, collaborations, celebrity crazes and books, all while considering the current trends sweeping the readership.”

Another section I am interested in is the Marketing, Communications and Events. The job opportunities in this section include Communications and PR, Brand Marketing, Subscriptions, Promotions and Events.

The Communications and PR section says:

“We promote and protect Hearst Magazines UK and its brands via the execution of strategic PR campaigns and our fantastic relationships with the media. From social media, through to print and broadcast, we directly engage audiences with some of the biggest magazine brands in the world.”


Bauer Media Group offer vacancies, training and internships.

Vacancies offered by this company vary from Accounts, Advertising to Marketing and IT.

Training pathways are:

  • Journalism
  • Training Courses
  • Dual Study
  • Trainees

The internships include training in the Bauer Media Academy. It is an opportunity for school-leavers and graduates to start their career within the media industry.



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