Sorority Row Film Review

Sorority Row was released in 2009 with the famous actress Briana Evigan who plays Cassidy as the main character.

The film is about a group of sorority sisters who was going along with a prank which took the wrong turn. Not many pranks end in an accidental murder, right? Following the murder caused by the sorority sisters, they all get their karma one by one. A serial killer stalks the girls and turns their graduation party into a blood bath.

The positive side of this film is audience is always wondering what is going to happen next while watching this horror. The audience also is always questioning who the murderer is and gets so into the film that it is like solving a puzzle, which keeps the interest high.

The negative side of this film is if you have watched a lot of horror films you will guess the plot and maybe even the ending. Horror film experiences are better when they are more original however, the film scenes were well shot and planned.

Sorority Row can be found online, on Netflix and DVDs if you would like to see it. In general, this film is a good horror film and I would personally rate it a 7/10.


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