The Magazine Industry

Profile of Hearst Magazines UK



  • A company that has been established nearly a century ago
  • Started with the first issue of Good Housekeeping
  • Grown into a network that reaches millions of people everyday

History of the company

  • Randolph Hearst started the company in 1910
  • Acquired Good Housekeeping in the US and later launched in the UK in 1922
  • Launched a second brand Harper’s Bazaar in 1929 as a rival to Vogue.
  • In 1971, Cosmopolitan made a big hit across the world
  • In 1999, the pioneering website Digital Spy launched specialising in TV, gaming and technology – it was acquired by Hearst in 2011.
  • National Magazines launched Men’s Health and Runner’s World in the 2000s for the interest of fitness.
  • In 2006, the company became more online and digital
  • Good Housekeeping celebrated its 90th birthday with its first iPad app and a dedicated UK website.


The Hearst Magazines UK have 25 magazines under their name such as Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Elle.

Mini-profile of Cosmopolitan Magazine

“Cosmopolitan is the world’s number one women’s magazine brand – with 60 editions worldwide.”

  • Launched in 1972
  • Combined print and digital circulation of 258,448
  • The website alone, cosmopolitan.co.uk has more than 6.5m users per month
  • Over a million Facebook and Twitter followers
  • As well as the magazine, they also run events such as masterclasses, awards, fashion catwalks etc.

Rate Card

Rate Cards target advertisers, not consumers.

Looking at the Rate Card, advertisers are charged different amounts according to how much and where they are buying the space in the magazine.

For example, Cosmopolitan charge £23,042 for the outside back cover to be used as advertisement by a company who has asked.

Reader Profile


  • Age: 28 (average)
  • Gender: Women
  • Geographical Location: Worldwide
  • Ethnicity: All
  • Socio-economic Status: ABC1 (64%)


  • The editor describes her readers as “warm, feisty, fun and fashionable”
  • Aimed at the “intelligent modern woman”
  • Readers of Cosmopolitan spend a big proportion of their income on fashion and beauty influenced by the magazine. “Cosmopolitan Magazine readers have spent over £56 million on handbags in the last 12 months.”
  • “Over 64% of Cosmopolitan readers have adopted a healthy life style, eating better than what they had in the past.”

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