A Saturday in the life of Melissa


Weekends are usually a time for people to relax and socialize… not with students like me!

A typical full time college student has 3-5 weekdays at college, leaving the weekend for them to earn money if they wish.

I have a part time job at Estee Lauder in Meadowhall Shopping Centre, 4 days at college and 3 days at work.


At college I study Journalism and Social Media Communications, all about creativity and writing.

At work, I am a beauty advisor and a makeup artist, I am passionate about makeup so it’s the perfect job for me.

I have also combined both my love for writing and my love for makeup in a blog I created in 2015, talking to my viewers about makeup which you can find on busebeauty.wordpress.com

On a Saturday, it is a busy day at work especially with it being Christmas.

A lot of customers wonder around the beauty department looking at different giftsets for their loved ones and we advise them on which would be best along with any other products they would like information on.

Most customers come to shop for theirselves and Estee Lauder is very popular for its foundation amongst women of all ages.

I usually offer to test the foundation on customers to show them what a difference it makes and also to match them up with their skin colour.

Any sales/beauty advisor in retail has a job to make sure the customer leaves with satisfaction and this is my number one priority while working.

As the day goes on and my feet are hurting from standing up for 8 hours, I still walk out of the store with a smile on my face knowing I have done my job.

I have also interviewed my colleagues that work within beauty on makeup counters about their jobs.

I asked Faiza Mohammed, 18:

What does your job consist of?
My job is working on beauty counters for several different companies as I work through an agency. I could be working on Urban Decay one day and Chanel the next.

Do you enjoy your job and if so, can you explain why?
Of course! I wouldn’t be in this job if I didn’t enjoy it. You are most successful in a job you enjoy. The environment is lively and all the beauty workers are lovely. Everyone’s common interest is makeup. You are also surrounded by makeup, what more could a girl want?

I also asked Kal, 20
How did you get into this job?
I studied beauty at college, got my qualifications and applied for this job. I have always had an interest in beauty.

What is your favourite part of your job role?
Interacting with customers and advising them on what I know best. It’s always nice to share your knowledge with people looking for help.

All in all, the beauty sector is huge and I am proud to be a part of it, and wanted to share with you what a day of a beauty advisor is like.


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