User Generated Content

The impact of the ability to be able to publish your own content to the web as professional journalists is that anyone can publish any post they like to the web. Whereas, in the past there was a limit to who could post what.

The positive effects of “UGC” is that it helps people express themselves, informs users and is a way of marketing to the audience.

The negative effects of “UGC” is being provided incorrect information, being bias and issues of fairness, quality and privacy.

In my opinion, user generated content helps me in my daily life within communication through social media. I find I can also access useful information through discussion forums or advertisements etc.

Websites I like the look of are:

Facebook- Because the blue theme throughout the site is recognisable by a wide audience globally. It is easy to navigate and not clustered.

Beautybay- Because similar to Boohoo this website has a very simple layout, making the products stand out and is not distracting.

Boohoo- Because it has a simple, basic but elegant theme and font and is also easy to navigate.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.39.51


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