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Top 10 Sheffield Nightclubs

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Wonder what the best nightclub in Sheffield is? New to town? Just turned 18?

Here is a list of the top 10 best Sheffield nightclubs based on Facebook likes, scroll down for some information on the clubs.

Top 10 Nightclubs in Sheffield based on Facebook likes:

  1. The Viper Rooms- 54099 1400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  2. Plug-518441400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  3. Leadmill-502651400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  4. Corporation-418731400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  5. Niche-390381400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  6. Tank-312561400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  7. Crystal-172871400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  8. Players-138991400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  9. Paris-126831400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png
  10. Area-113571400px-Facebook_like_thumb.png

The Viper Rooms:

Vipers are a student sensation especially on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Tuesday’s are Tribeca Tuesday’s, where girls go free before 11.30pm and on top of that get a free drink! Thursday’s are Quids In, for just £1 entry and cheap drinks, it’s a students favourite place of course. Viper have all sorts of offers for the days that they are open, for more information visit The Viper Rooms Official Website, http://sheffield.theviperrooms.com/


Plug are usually a host to many largely advertised events in Sheffield. Artists such as Krept and Konan, Geko and Sheffield’s very own Arctic Monkeys have played in this venue. Think of it as a second o2 Academy. Bar, DJ, live music, lights and a wild crowd. What more could a night need?


“Leadmill has been voted Sheffield’s best live music venue” (source). Leadmill has previously been a host to national artists such as Coldplay, Kasabian and Kings of Leon leaving fans with a huge smile at the end of the night.

Corporation aka Corp:

“You’ll never leave” says it all. This live band venue plays house garage, dance and rock. “They have been voted into the top 3 Rock Clubs in the UK” and with cheap drinks, centre of town, every students place-to-be for Friday night.


Niche is the ultimate, old school nightclub brought back with a bang. If you’re stuck in the olden but golden days and never fail to sing along to Heartbroken by T2 when it comes up on your playlist, this is the place to be. The name of the club says it all. Playing underground house, garage and bassline go ahead and put your hands in the air for this one.


Sheffield’s underground house music venue is popular for reasons varying from after parties for big events happening in and around Sheffield to bringing DJ’s like Jamie Duggan to the decks. Perfect for strolling in with your trainers to do a little lean and bop.


Here is a bar by day club by night, classy little place. Find your best outfit and enter for just £5. Best on a Friday night for all the classic hits, music ranging from hip hop to R&B, maybe even reggae! Very high class decor and even an outdoor heated area. Can’t go wrong.


Described as the “glamorous cocktail bar” Players has everyone starting their night with a bang. The atmosphere is great, suitable for all ages, friendly staff and the centre of the party life based on West Street, with your pre’s finished, your favourite nightclub is right around the corner.


Baby Got Back and Scene Saturdays own Carver Street on the weekend. With cheap entry and cheap drinks in a classy venue, Paris is competition for Crystal across the road. Music varying from hip hop to R&B, what’s not to love?


Replacing the beloved Embrace, Area has attracted many students with their £1.50 drinks and spoilt for choice in songs. With 4 rooms playing different music, walk from one to another and enjoy everything from house to R&B to garage to grime It’s all in there. If that wasn’t enough, Cirque Saturdays present you with dancers, firebreathers and even aerialists.

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Want to hear what 2 regular visitors of The Viper Rooms said? Read below:

Alex Sattaris, 19: ” Viper is my home on Thursday’s, you can’t miss out on Quids In! I love Viper because it is cheap entry, cheap drinks yet still on the classy side. It really is a great night, and when you’re a regular you create a bond with the staff and people, it’s like a community.”

Benjy Fletcher, 26: “The best night in Viper for me has got to be Friday night. We usually book a VIP table as we go in a big group down town and they have always treated us like VIP regardless. Good drinks, no drama. It’s a good atmosphere and I don’t think they should change anything apart from air con downstairs!”


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