Production Diary (13.2.1, 13.2.2, 13.3.1, 13.3.2, 13.4.1, 13.6.1, 13.6.2)

Detailed Proposal (extended):

In the previous year, I had researched and chose to use the grid layout for any magazines I produced due to the fact that I was inspired by a few of my favourite lifestyle websites that have used this, and that I think it looks very professional, it is easy to use by all ages of the population because of how clear it is. As I researched, I found that more and more websites have used this layout too.

Link to previous evaluation from website design:

Previous demographic and psychographic research has put into perspective the target audiences needs, what they are most interested in, how much they are willing to spend, what content they enjoy reading etc. This has helped me put the knowledge I gained from this towards my FMP and make everything better as a whole, such as providing suitable content, creating a reasonable theme and layout and so on. Appreciative to previous audience research on the same target audience, I have enough knowledge and experience to put forward to my FMP and perfect my content according to the audience needs.

Link of previous demographic and psychographic analysis:

I decided to create a lifestyle webzine because I knew what I was interested in, being around family and friends, I also knew what they were interested in, all being in the same age range, I understood it would be an attractive theme for the target audience. After trying this out in the last year, and getting positive audience feedback from my peers, I came to an agreement with myself to continue producing lifestyle content as it is also what I enjoy doing. I produce content to help my target audience, as I have done prior to this.

Link of evaluation to content created last FMP:

Link of production to content created last FMP:

I believe the problems I will face in my FMP will be time consuming, make me regenerate ideas, and possibly fail to contact suitable people for my content. In this case, I will need back up and plan ahead. From the legal side of things, previously researching legal and ethical issues within media I have developed an understanding that I may come across certain interviewees who may not want their name mentioned or certain content being displayed/written which then I may have to alter my articles. I will have to write accurately and provide details of the person/people to not breach the defamation law. I also have to be careful and precise in what I include in my content. Copyright is also a possible issue, if I come across photography problems, I will have to be cautious of using other images for example from Google.

The journalistic formats I chose to use are a smart phone, DSLR camera, Mac and a zoom mic. The reason behind this is because I have enough experience from previous use and day to day use. I believe that I am capable of producing the best quality media with this technology. I intend to use my smart phone for mobile journalism packages, it is always a reliable tool and handy on the go for when I do not have access to a DSLR. I have decided to shoot my multimedia package with my smart phone as it is lightweight as oppose to the DSLR, it is easier to record steadily and is also a good quality camera. A smart phone also allows me to edit when I do not have access to a computer however only to a certain extent. The DSLR is my best option for high quality photography for my photojournalism piece. I have not yet decided if I will be recording an audio piece however, if I do so, I will be using a zoom mic, they are easy to use, upload and edit via Audacity, Garageband and other software that I have used in the past.

I aim to use This is Tap as my domain which is linked to WordPress which I have used for the past 3 years, I have created my own blog on WordPress as well as my college blog so I am very familiar with this multimedia platform. I may return to using WordPress only instead of This is Tap if it gets too complicated or I run out of time as this will be produced towards the end of the FMP. Here is evidence of previous usage, I believe that I have improved since this was created and hopefully create better in the near future. This platform is suitable for me as it is easy to use and adjust to your own needs. It provides excellent features any website would need such as social media buttons and widgets used for further advertisement for the business.


I am starting to produce my proposal for my FMP. This should assist me throughout my project. With this course, I have created a few proposals so I have gained enough experience on this. In my rationale I will summarise my achievements, skills, what steps I used to show how I produced my content previously and why I chose my course and how it benefits me. In the project concept section I will be explaining what I will be producing and explain how to go about doing it. I will add an evaluation and create a timetable of my action plan. I have decided to name my webzine Circle, as it is a unique name not attached to anything to do with myself, I also have an idea of creating a simple logo of a circle during my project. I feel as though Circle could be a symbol of the world as it is round, as this also symbolises what the webzine will be about: lifestyle. I will be writing in a formal however, informal style suiting the reading needs of the social media in 2017. I will keep my journalistic skills at a high standard whether this means writing, research or photography, to deliver professionalism. I will make sure the legal issues are planned ahead and that my research and information I provide is accurate.


Producing my proposal helped me put everything into perspective, I have a much clearer view of what I want to be doing next with my project. The timetable I created helps a lot too as I like sticking to deadlines that are set , which keeps me on track. My proposal will be a source I can keep looking back on with brief notes for myself to remind me of what I should be doing if there is a point that I lose track of what I am doing. With this course, I have created a few proposals so I have gained enough experience on this.


MUA article

For my makeup artist success story I have selected popular makeup artists of Sheffield whom I have heard of before, worked alongside and also follow on social media. I will be conducting more research on the selected makeup artists:

  • Katie Daley MUA- @misskda (Instagram)
  • Megan Lewis MUA- @meganlewismakeupartist (Instagram)
  • Anisah Lasebai MUA- @anisah_lasebai (Instagram)
  • Georgia Cutts MUA- @grgctts (Instagram)

Katie Daley is a Sheffield-based professional freelance MUA who has been in the makeup industry for 5 years ( She is from Rotherham and covers makeup for her clients varying looks from high end fashion to bridal. Recently, she has created her own event to fill in her clients with priceless information of a “Masterclass” mirroring ‘The Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovio’ professional makeup artist of Kim Kardashian. (She also met them!) At the moment, she has 59.4k followers on her Instagram page and is very proud of how far she has come.

Megan Lewis is the proud owner of the very popular Makeup Lounge located in Rotherham. Popular with her modern makeup looks she ranges them from natural to glam. She posts many photos on her Instagram page which consists of her clients finished makeup looks, before and after photos and also other services she provides in her salon. She has a follower count of 12.7k whom are all fans of  Megan Lewis’ makeup. (

Anisah Lasebai is also a professional freelance makeup artist, specialising in Bridal. She has demonstrated her how-to’s and tips and tricks at Illamasqua Debenhams, Meadowhall before for her beloved clients hence always receiving 5 star reviews ( Anisah is also very popular amongst the young girls of Sheffield with 22.8k followers on Instagram.

Georgia Cutts, professionally trained – specialises in prom, bridal and evening makeup. She has furthered her career, working for high end beauty counters such as MAC and most recently Nars, Meadowhall. With the large amount of followers of 155k on her Instagram, the young MUA has built herself up by blogging as well as sharing photos of her makeup looks on mainly herself and sometimes clients. She is portrayed to be the “bubbly lass” on social media.

Research done, I now plan to contact one chosen makeup artist to interview about how they made it to where they are now and if they have any further goals. I will either contact them via e-mail displayed on their social media or via Instagram. I wish to plan the date with them and meet up with my questions at the ready (below). I also wish to take photos of either their makeup or their clients makeup to show the quality of work. This may not work depending on the circumstances on the day of the interview and also the makeup artist. I want to write an introduction to my article from my research

I will be contacting a makeup artist that is my first choice and wait for a reply to see if we can arrange a meet up, I need to allow myself time for this because one interview may not be a good enough story or I may not receive a reply soon enough, which then I will be trying to contacting them on a different social media site or move on to the next person on my list. In the meantime, I will be focusing on research for my other articles and developing ideas for the rest of my project.


I researched the top 10 nightclubs in Sheffield, by using the amount of likes and what sort of reviews the nightclubs got on social media. I have done this because I need enough information to write a short statement on each of the clubs to introduce them to people who have never visited before. This is especially for the students coming from different cities to study in Sheffield or Hallam University. This is the order they go in:

  1. The Viper Rooms (Carver Street) 54099 likes
  2. Plug (Matilda Street) 51844 likes
  3. Leadmill (Leadmill Road) 50265 likes
  4. Corporation (Milton Street) 41873 likes
  5. Niche (Walker Street) 39038 likes
  6. Tank (Arundel Gate) 31256 likes
  7. Crystal (Carver Street) 17287 likes
  8. Players (West Street) 13899 likes
  9. Paris (Carver Street) 12683 likes
  10. Area (Burgess Street) 11357 likes

I have created a Sheffield Club Guide infographic for this article, by adding the photos I took of the clubs and listing the rank they got on my top 10. Basically, a map of top 10 clubs numbered 1-10 with images and below in the article, a brief description of the clubs: music type, average spend, age group.. Amount of likes with an image of Facebook likes thumb and amount of likes they have received on Facebook next to the name of the club. On Instagram, I have found the Viper Rooms page (@viper_rooms) where I got more information on what offers they have on what days especially for students. For Tuesdays they have Tribeca Tuesdays with free entry for girls before 11.30 and a free drink on entry. Thursday’s are Quids In, for a entry fee of £1 instead of £5 and cheap drinks all night, can’t go wrong. Friday’s are Where Love Lives usually playing dance, garage and house hits. Saturday’s are Saturday’s @ Viper where you can book a VIP table with your choice of bottles to drink. Vipers also invite special guests on big days and events such as bank holidays and Saturday’s. Viper plays a mixture of music from garage to house welcoming everyone with different taste in music. The age group for The Viper Rooms is (ring and ask-include phone number and sources – instagram and website links)

Plug are usually host to big acts such as Lilly Allen, Krept and Konan, Yungen, Geko and so on. In my eyes, it is like a second o2 Academy. They constantly host events such as Propaganda, which are music from artists such as Arctic Monkeys. Plug have a variety of music in their venue as well as people from different interests too.

Leadmill are a large and one of the best live music venues based in the centre of Sheffield with easy access by any transport links. They have hosted gigs for big UK artists such as Kasabian and Kings of Leon.

Corporation are another large live music venue which is more on the rock side of music, however have multiple rooms for different taste in music.

Niche is an old school nightclub hence why the age restrictions are in place. The music is garage, niche, bassline and remixed songs by popular DJs.

Tank is an underground house-based music. Attracting mainly young ages starting from the legal age of 18. Tank has extreme security especially on weekends due to it being one of the busiest nightclubs next to the o2 academy.

Crystal is a bar in the day and a club in the night. A very classy place for people of all ages interested in a variety of music. The drinks aren’t as cheap as students would like however, it is still a good night.

Players is a bar based in the heart of town West Street, attracting everyone for usually pre-drinks before they hit the town. Players is a chain bar located all around the UK with very high standards and entertainment.

Paris are popular with bank holiday weekends for the fun and partying and also Baby Got Back on Fridays for a throwback session in music. Again, a classy place like Crystal however, cheaper drinks.

Area is a newly opened superclub, replacing Embrace which was a youth nightclub for several years. With fairly cheap drinks and no dress code, 4 different music rooms and a large area downstairs it is rising in popularity.


I recently contacted Katie Daley for my makeup artist success story, and received a reply today. I messaged her introducing myself, and explaining what I wanted from her on 21/03/17. In the process of waiting for a reply, I thought to myself that I might not get a reply as she might be busy with work and life and thought about going on to the next person on my list of makeup artists. However, with the reply that I got from Katie, I immediately got in touch again via Whatsapp to arrange a meeting for a day we are both free to do so. I gave a date in which I could allow myself to prepare questions as I could not have prepared these before knowing which makeup artist I was going to be interviewing. I gave a date two weeks from the day I messaged her, only to find out she is currently on holiday, which I found out through her Instagram page also.

FullSizeRender (1)  kda


Katie still has not got back in touch with me regarding a meeting for the project, however patiently waiting and hoping she does reply once she is back in Sheffield. I still have enough time to finish my story, if there is a delay I have given myself enough time at the end of the project to catch up on any content that needs updating or gathering more information for.

I have started writing my post for the makeup artist success story while still in the process of waiting to meet up with Katie, and also starting to write up some questions I would like to ask her.

“Sheffield has an increasing amount of young girls who are desperate to perfect their makeup skills and wanting to pursue a career in the industry. There are many girls from Sheffield that are professionally trained and either work on a beauty counter, a salon or freelance.” – The reason I know this is because I am constantly on social media in my spare time researching and coming across hundreds of new girls with makeup pages of their own who are from Sheffield. I currently work in the beauty industry which gives me a lot of insight into makeup artists jobs.

I cannot go any further into my article on the makeup artist success story without my interview with Katie, so I will now move onto my second article of street art in order to keep track of time. I am currently conducting some research on this hoping to find an artist that I can interview and some different street art around the city where I can travel to.


Still waiting on a reply from Katie, I have messaged her again via Whatsapp to remind her of the conversation we had beforehand and to see if she was still willing to meet up for me to find out more about her path of success.

I received a message back from Katie making me aware that she is currently away for business, and we can rearrange a date that suits the both of us better.

Here are the screenshots of the conversation that happened:

image1 (2)


I am currently still waiting for a reply from Katie to guarantee a date of meeting for the interview. I am hopeful that we will arrange a date soon and I can finalise my story for her.

To back up my point of the young girls of this generation getting into makeup more and more I have done some research to prove this statistic. “increasing popularity muas- um article-

Whilst waiting for a reply from Katie, I have been starting my research and story on my second article of Sheffield Street Art.

I am hoping to research the artists and contact one if possible to dig deeper into street art and the meaning behind the paintings which lay in our city.

As I have been travelling in town, I have noticed myself, quite a few walls that have beautiful paintings. I am planning to take a trip to town to take some photographs of these in the Easter holidays. For these images, I hope to edit them on a Mac computer and hopefully they will be in great quality.

I am keen to find out why street art is so popular, how it has been allowed and what the purpose of it is. My article will consist of these which I have listed above, an interview from an artist (if possible), photographs of the paintings, and possibly opinions of the public on street art. (survey/quiz/interview).

I have researched the history of street art for further information to provide a better writing for the audience, to also help them understand where street art has come from. This will build my knowledge too an help me write a detailed piece understanding more.  :

The beginning of the 21st century graffiti turned into more of an “artistic expression”.

“Some of the earliest expressions of street art were certainly the graffiti which started showing up on the sides of train cars and walls. This was the work of gangs in the 1920s and 1930s New York. The impact of this subversive culture was extraordinarily felt in the 1970s and 1980s. This cultural movement was recorded in the book The History of American Graffiti, by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon. These decades were a significant turning point in the history of street art – it was a time when young people, by responding to their socio-political environment, started creating a movement, taking the ‘battle for meaning’ into their own hands.

Soon, this subcultural phenomenon gained the attention and respect in the ‘grown-up’ world. From the fingers and cans of teenagers, it had taken a form of true artistic expression. One of the most respected names in the field of documenting street art and artists, who would gladly testify to this, is photographer Martha Cooper. Soon enough, photographs weren’t the only medium for capturing and ‘displacing’ street art into different contexts. Essentially an illegal activity, a process of creation through destruction began its evolution into numerous forms of artistic expression which found it’s way to galleries and the global art market. Although still subversive, and in its large part an illegal movement, through art enthusiasts and professionals, street art earned its place in the contemporary art world.”

I have found a website created by a man who loves to stroll through the city taking photos of street art and tags the location for people to find too. This has showed me places that I did not know of which I will be going down to admire and take photos of to share with my audience. This website has even provided me with the artists names, for further research I will be googling the artists and see if I can contact them.

Some artists to research and where in Sheffield they have painted:

I will be visiting each one of these that I have listed down, to see if they are still there and to take photos too. The ones I have picked are the ones that I seem to like the most and this site has been very helpful for me to find them and giving the information I need. I also want to contact some of the artists to find out the meanings behind their paintings first hand.


I planned the places I wanted to visit to find the street art I would like to take photos of and see up close. I noted down the addresses and went to the 3 that I wanted to go to. Attercliffe was the closest to me, so I started off with this one. The art on a building at a height just before the traffic lights. Many people look past street art, however, when you take a look up close, you see the meaning behind the painting. The Attercliffe art includes Spartan Works, The Wentworth Pub and Sheffield Forgemasters, some popular buildings of our city. I then made my way into Sheffield City Centre for the remaining places I wanted to visit. While I was in town, I also thought I’d take the opportunity to visit Carver Street and West Street for a part of my nightclub article photos. I arrived at John Street and found out that the street art had been removed. After this, I proceeded to Wellington Street and then Greenlane Works which I also found there to be nothing but a wall with no paintings. This made me alter my plans and set out to find graffiti for myself by walking around places I knew there would be some art. I came across a place that looked abandoned just behind West Street. One was behind a metal fence which I had to position my camera in between the bars to achieve a clear quality photo as i had no access into the land.


I created an Instagram page for my website Circle, and started uploading photos that I have on my articles already. Instagram in my opinion is a boost for audience, a great way to advertise and attract. I have added the link to Circle on the website section Instagram has provided for businesses. I have also mentioned what the Instagram page is for on the bio- “Online Lifestyle Magazine”. This is a great way to add popularity to the website as it is interesting to see photos published on social media in the widgets section.


I have created my webzine and I am currently in the middle of arranging the design and posts and how I want my page to look.

I am producing an infographic for my Nightclub Guide article as it is an easy access to information for readers with a quick glance, they know everything they need to know. I am using powerpoint to build this up and adding the photographs I took of the clubs to this too. I am adding my own twist to the infographic instead of using popular charts to display information, I will be putting the photos with the information listed below, ranking the clubs from 1-10. This way, the audience get to know what the club looks like, how many people like it, and what place it is at on the chart with just reading a few words.


I decided to contact the makeup artist I arranged for my story again, she mentioned Thursday would be a good day so hopefully this time I get it sorted without wasting anymore time.

I came to an agreement with myself that a website is not a website without a logo. I tried my best to find a logo that was labeled for modification on Google, that was very close to the colours on my theme for my page, to save time. I already had an idea in mind, and came across a circle that was a similar colour as the text on my theme that I could modify to my own standards with the permission of Google,  I used Photoshop to edit the circle, change the colour of it as close as I could to match the rest of the text on the page and cloned six of these circles. The reason I wanted six circles as my logo is because they stand for the six letters in “Circle” representing the brand of my page without the word. I thought this was a unique idea and as the URL has Circle in it, people already know that the name of the website is Circle, and the circles on the logo are also a giveaway too.


I finally got to arrange a time with Katie (MUA) and met up with her at Headfunk on Chesterfield Road as she was working from there at the time. I had originally planned to take photographs of Katie and possibly some makeup around her as a second picture however, Katie did not want any photos taken on the day so she agreed to send me pictures of herself as a replacement via WhatsApp. I planned my interview when I first started writing up the story about Katie, and got the information I wanted to receive. I chose Katie for this article because it seemed to me that she had put the most effort in to go above and beyond for her career and it interested me to find out how she had got to meet Kim Kardashian and how she got to this stage of her life.


My next aim is to arrange an online interview with an artist based in Sheffield for my street art article. I also want to produce another photojournalism piece of abandoned places in Sheffield. I created my article for this and will be out to take photos today. I have researched where to go and why the places have been abandoned;

A place “in the middle of the Northern General Hospital – seemingly forgotten.” It used to be a Victorian workhouse where “poor people were forced to live and work”.

I also thought to ask a friend who explores Sheffield, Jamie Lawrenson, 23, mentioned there was an abandoned place in Hillsborough, I got directions and went to see for myself.

I thought this would be a good article to produce as there are a lot of young people who share photos of abandoned places and who really like to go and visit them just for fun, I got this information over time from my own Facebook page. Because abandoned places are private and have near to no access, people do wonder what may be inside them, what the building used to be and why it is abandoned.



The photos I took, took a few times to perfect and editing on Instagram was a quick way to edit as it looks more professional and I have more experience on this with the tools you need for a better quality edited image. Depending on the article and photos, I will carefully edit and use the same filter, brightness and contrast options for all the photos in one production piece.



I have researched further to try and find an artist to contact for my Sheffield Street Art article, I found a website called and messaged them via their contact section to see if I could receive any help.


I also tried contacting Kid Acne (artist) on a previous date from his official Facebook page ( however, I have not received a reply.


ideas for another article and video or podcast

article- sheffield gordon ramsay hell kitchen improvements restaurants interview- I have watched a video interview of the past owner of the restaurant Silversmiths, which was reestablished by Gordon Ramsay in Sheffield. 111 ARUNDEL STREET, SHEFFIELD, S1 2NT- 0114 270 6160

article urban vs mainstream gyms interviews with owners of gyms and/or bodybuilders or trainers- will salt sheffield-

video- tattoo parlour video of tattoo, interview with tattoo artist experience over the years, interview with customer and information about tattoos. what is the most unusual tattoo you have asked to do, when did you start, what was your first tattoo.



Unfortunately, on the 13th of May, due to being at work and not having enough time I could not film or even attend Meadowhall Supercar Experience for this reason I have to now come up with a last minute back up plan for a video. This has made me aware that it is important for back up plans for when events or interviews do not work out. In the future, I will definitely find a better way of planning things out, possibly write everything down on paper and brainstorm. This will prevent mistakes like this happening again.

I came to a conclusion that if I recorded my videos in timelapse (fast motion) with my phone, it would be an interesting video plus with the advantage of making longer videos into a short video allowing me to insert more content, keeping the video length to a suitable limit. I have learnt throughout my course that keeping video lengths to a minimum of at least a 1 minute duration is key due to the fact that online information is meant to be quick and easy. Videos tend to strain the eye if they are too long leading the audience to lose focus and interest.

Interview Questions:

Viper Rooms Manager:

  • You’re ranked number 1 on the Top 10 Clubs in Sheffield list according to Facebook likes, what are your thoughts on this?
  • How has Viper changed since it first opened?
  • What do you think attracts customers to Viper?
  • Do you think you need to improve anything?

Viper Rooms 2 regular visitors:

  • What makes you visit Viper on a regular basis?
  • What do you think of the prices, is it suitable for students?
  • Has there ever been any incidents, how have you felt about this?
  • How do the staff treat you?
  • What night is the best in your opinion?
  • If you were the owner of Viper, what would you change?

Street Art – Twitter- :

  • What made you interested in street art?
  • Did you have to get permission to paint?
  • How long did it take you to paint your longest art?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Do you have any qualifications, if so, what are they?

Tattoo Parlour- Artist:

  • what is the most unusual tattoo you have asked to do?
  • when did you start tattooing?
  • what was your first tattoo and what is the meaning of it?
  • Have you ever regretted a tattoo and why?
  • What advice would you give to a person coming in for their first tattoo?

TheFitnessRoom- Will Salt:

  • Why did you decide to open your own gym?
  • Would you class this as a mainstream gym or an urban?
  • What do you think makes people choose different gyms?
  • What advice would you give to a fitness lover, and how would you lure them into coming to your gym?

Boots Benefit:

  • How would you shape and fill your eyebrows (step by step)?
  • What is the best product you recommend?
  • What is the best method for hair removal on the brows?


  • What makes you choose to have your eyebrows waxed and/or tinted?
  • How would you rate the customer service out of 10?
  • What do you love about Benefit?

Silversmiths Restaurant:

  • Who called Gordon Ramsay for help and why?
  • How was your restaurant before the visit?
  • Did you believe in the success Gordon Ramsay would bring And what were your feelings at the time?
  • How long did it take you to get the restaurant to the standards it is at now?



Ongoing research for my Nightclub article, I am going on every website for the clubs mentioned in my top 10 list, getting information I need for the article, such as: what sort of crowd the venues host to, what sort of music is played for example, live or by a dj. Which is best for students, etc. The websites:












I tried ringing Silversmiths Restaurant, they have an automated voicemail for reserving a table which means you cannot speak to a worker. So I decided to visit yesterday, I came across a barmaid called Helena who had only been working there 2 years, (- watch the show, gordon ramsay came 8-9 years ago, a lot of people have changed no one was working since then-) I quickly asked her some questions on the spot out of curiosity, she described the restaurant before the change as a dark place, “it had padded walls and spotlights on the floor near the bar, customers said it used to look like a strip club, it was messy and unorganised, definitely going down hill.” She mentioned that the manager would be in 11-3 tomorrow (today-25/05) took my contact details down and said it would be best to speak to her. I went today at 11am, came across a delivery man for the restaurant. As Google says, the restaurant opens at 10am on a Thursday morning, I finally entered the premises and spoke to a new manager who didn’t have a clue how to answer my questions, he mentioned that the manager was not in until 12 and that I should come back. As I came back, the manager still was not there, so I suggested a phone interview if that was fine with the team. They agreed, I sat at a table taking notes and asking questions while on the phone to Tina, the manager of Silversmiths. I introduced myself and told her that I will be interviewing her due to college work and that I study Journalism. I offered to give her a copy of the final article if she would be interested and she agreed. The questions and answers were as follows:

Who called Gordon Ramsay for help and why? The previous owner, Justin Rowcher, called Gordon Ramsay for help and guidance, the place was a disaster.

How was your restaurant before the visit? Very disorganised, Justin was the problem.

How long did it take you to get the restaurant to the standards it is at now? Immediately, as you can see on the show, it stayed like that, we just recently had a refurb about a year ago, since then it’s been quite good we’ve had awards after awards.

One question I would have liked to have asked as well would have been: Did you believe in the success Gordon Ramsay would bring and what were your feelings at the time? However, no one was working at Silversmiths for so long to answer this question for me unfortunately.

I also visited Van Schaicks, the tattoo parlour, in Hillsborough today. As, two days ago I had rang in to ask if it was possible for me to visit and arrange a video interview with a tattoo artist. The person I was speaking to was Greg, who was very friendly and asked if it was alright to know who I was firstly, and for me to explain what I would be doing exactly before recording anything. He said the best time would be Thursday around 1pm. I turned up explained my situation to the receptionist, and they informed me that Greg was not in today and that he most likely forgot. He advised me to rearrange for Saturday at 2pm, as he would be in for then. I did try asking if anyone else would be up for the video interview however, he told me that the only tattoo artist who is not camera shy would be Greg himself and that they even had to turn Channel 5 down for a TV programme because of the camera shy tattoo artist. So I accepted to return on Saturday as I would not be working this Saturday.

On my last shift, on Monday evening at Meadowhall, as I was walking past the Benefits counter I approached a beauty advisor and asked if it would be appropriate for me to record a customer having their eyebrows waxed and tinted for my multimedia piece. They agreed and I will be visiting Friday 26th May.

I have also contacted Viper Rooms 3 days ago by phone, a male answered and referred me to the manager by giving his email address, I sent an email: (insert screenshot or copy and paste email) However, I have not received a reply as yet. I tried contacting again today, by ringing twice and not had any luck. I hesitated to go the club as I didn’t think it would be open and it would be a waste of time. I will be trying again later in the afternoon.


I have created my final posts of Silversmiths, Benefit Brows, Tattoo parlour and The fitness room.

I have been taking notes on my phone in the day as it is more convenient than accessing WordPress. Quick and easy. I have also been taking notes down in my notepad, which for some reason I find makes more sense to me when it is written out in front of me. I prefer to make things easier for myself and this method seems to be the one for me.


My target for half term: finishing benefit brow, silversmiths, tattoo and tweaking mua article, after half term finishing street art Sheffield and others that are left to do


I visited Boots Benefit counter where I had permission to record from a previous date. No one was available at the time so I visited House of Fraser Benefits counter. On arrival, I asked if the brow expert: Megan, was available and if she would approve a recording whilst working on a customers eyebrows. Luckily for me, a friend I knew, Sophie Roberts, 23, had booked an appointment at this counter and also agreed for recording. I faced some problems which I had to tackle quickly and efficiently to prevent loss of time in the process as I couldn’t interfere with the appointment. I had made sure that my phone had enough storage for videos and a few takes because no video is perfect in one go. However, whilst I was recording a notification came up quite a few times within the time I was at the counter notifying me that I have run out of storage and can not record any more. So, I had to move to one side, to let the customer and the brow expert to know that I am not recording at that time, whilst I free’d up storage. I returned back to recording and finally had all the videos I wanted originally. This was, the step by step, short clips of each process, some with the brow expert explaining what she is doing. Facing these problems during my multimedia piece has given me more experience for the next time to allow myself extra time between each production to make sure everything is good to use and I have done enough research and not just to leap into things and rush to get them done.

I transferred the videos and images I took for my multimedia package via email to my PC at home for editing for a more professional quality.

I downloaded the video editor app named Splice to put together my final video as I had previously been recommended this app. As my phone is still on low storage, despite having spent time freeing up space, I have faced another problem because of this whilst editing the video. Due to the app crashing because of low storage, having to start over again many times, I have learned to look on the positive side of the problem of improving my patience with software not working as I wanted. I saved the video I edited at maximum quality of 1080p for better, clear quality viewings for the audience.

With many attempts to editing the video, throughout the process, I decided to add audio provided with the app. The audio I chose was from the ‘cinema-themed’ section, named ‘Inspired’ with an appropriate melody to the content of the video. I chose the options to fade in and fade out the music as needed in each shot. On one shot the brow artist is speaking explaining what procedure she is making for her client, at this point I had to arrange the audio to stop for my audience to listen to what Megan was saying.

In between each shot, I included a transition of either ‘blur’ or ‘fade’ into the next shot instead of a sharp transition. This makes the video look smooth and professional.


I am convinced I will unfortunately not be receiving a reply from the artist Kid Acne for Sheffield Street Art on Facebook, so I will be trying to contact other artists or someone who can answer my questions for me and give me more information. (add screenshot)

I have also still not received a reply from the manager of The Viper Rooms, despite ringing the nightclub twice.


Today I rang Viper Rooms, spoke to the person I spoke to before he informed me that the manager will not be at the venue tonight but they are expecting him tomorrow which therefore, he will discuss with him that I rang, I also left my contact details and will hopefully get a phone call tomorrow.

I have watched the complete episode of the Silversmiths restaurant with Gordon Ramsay, and have took notes on this:

The first impressions of Gordon Ramsay walking outside “Runaway Girl” as it was named previously, was that it looked like a “lap dancing hole”, the place is bland, the food is reheated and not fresh. Feels like he is eating in a nightclub with how dark it is.

The chef at the time, Richard also known as Richie throughout the episode, said it looks like a strip club not a restaurant, said Justin does not have a clue, agreeing with Gordon who said the place is a joke. Time and money on live music rather than fresh food. Very loud music while people are eating

Customer complaints about food and music and atmosphere

Gordon: embarrassing and pathetic, oblivious to what is going on, neglected food, refuses advice from close ones, broken down relationships,

Name of owner: Justin Rowntree

Argument erupts between bestfriend chef Richie and owner Justin regarding how owner does not listen even to ramsay and says sort it out or im leaving

Girlfriend says she is not happy at all, needs to change

Gordon changed the spanish tapas restaurant to british, he took over with richie for food, set Justin to be front of house to test his capability, invited a professional mystery diner for feedback at the end of the night, they complained they had waited a long time to order and waited an hour on top for the food, in total they said they had spend 2 and 1/2 hours, service let it down. Gordon used this report as an improvement guide, other comments from mystery guests were that the restaurant and service was erratic, chaotic and would score 1 out of 5.

The first night of Gordon taking over got good comments for food however, was still a let down for service so Gordon does a roleplay to improve staff skills, he then closes the restaurant for one night for decorating and renewing the place, the changes bring an emotional day to the staff, Gordon carries on giving helpful tips and advice, the food used to be in buckets preheated, ready for reheating before serving to customers, owner forgets basics such as giving cutlery as the place gets busier, Gordon describes him as chaotic, everything falling through his hands again. he also mentions that without Richie the place would be history, 5 weeks later Gordon revisits Silversmiths, reading good reviews published of the restaurant on the way there on local newspapers, he sent another mystery customer before he went for another feedback while he was away, to see if the restaurant was keeping up how they were, they said quick and sharp, very knowledable, will return, Gordon visiting has improved their financial status of the restaurant, it is running smoothly, the chef has fallen in love with cooking, gordon tries food again and says it is delicious seemingly proud, ends it off by expressing how successful it has been.


A little insight into why my FMP did not go quite as planned, I faced personal problems which affected travelling to college, time consuming issues which forced me to move deadlines, I had to wait for a Wi-Fi connection to study from home, and at times struggled to afford travelling to complete my interviews. I have still managed to complete most of my work in time however, if I hadn’t faced these problems, I believe I would have presented a better quality FMP in shorter time without rushing.

Exclusive image from Jamie Lawrenson linked to this article I found online.


Today, I have finalised:

Abandoned Sheffield Slideshow: added final images, done correcting.

Benefit Brows Video: added video to Youtube then to WordPress, added additional Q&A.

I previously finished:

MUA Article

Hashtag Slideshow

I have yet to finish:

Tattoo Artist Video: having to wait on a few shops to get back to me, I will then research a little more about the parlour chosen, add an intro and capture the interview video.

The Fitness Room Article: Scheduled today at 6pm with Will Salt at The Fitness Room, I need to write this article based on the interview and research and hopefully some information provided by the gym.

Silversmiths Hell Kitchen: I have yet to write this article.

Top 10 Nightclubs: Failing to contact the manager after many attempts, I have decided to remove this interview and proceed with 2 regular visitors of Viper Rooms. This will be arranged today.

Street Art: I have done further research and come upon a company that works closely with artists, I will be visiting as I have had no luck contacting by phone. I also need to write more on this article and do a little more research.


I interviewed Will Salt from The Fitness Room, the owner of the urban gym, and got a lot of information which I added to my article. I have only done a draft of this in my post, I will be editing the interview, taking out unnecessary information and writing it up properly. This is because I will lose the attention of my audience if I have a long interview below the article. I am going to include enough information for this.

I have now finished my articles Silversmiths Hell Kitchen, The Fitness Room, and Top 10 Nightclubs. The only production I have yet to finish is Sheffield Tattoo Parlour due to not being able to get in touch with anyone and not allowing myself enough time.

I also visited Bank Street Art for an interview however, Tom, who I would be interviewing was not present, I was given Tom’s email address to contact him and have emailed him the questions.

After not receiving a reply from Tom, I did a last minute research desperate to find someone to answer my questions on street art. I came across an article that was published in The Star,, mentioning artist and chairman of Sheffield Antiques Quarter, Hendrika Stephens. I found contact information and am hoping to ask her these slightly altered questions instead:

What is street art and why is it permitted in Sheffield?

What made street art popular?

How long have you been in this industry?

This evening Hendrika thankfully replied to my questions. Here are some screenshots of the answers she gave to the above questions:

image1 (2)image2 (1)image3 (1)

I feel privileged to have Hendrika provide me with such substantial amount of information and spending her time and effort to go into so much detail. This has been of great help and also given me a little more of an insight into street art. I now have a clearer understanding and will pick out information carefully. The reason I thought contacting Hendrika would be a good idea is because she is someone of importance within Sheffield, so it is quite important what she has to say even if it is her own opinion. I am delighted at the fact that I have received this information, and now feel like I can write and talk about my article more confidently as I feel like I am more involved. I believe it is important to understand and have enough knowledge on what you are writing about for it to make sense and to also connect with your audience.



The logo on my webzine has displaced itself altering the look of the home page. I visited the site on my phone where the logo is still in place however, on any PC that I have visited the page, the logo is misplaced. Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.44.52.pngAs shown here, the logo is covering the top left article, where instead it should be right at the top left corner. I have also tried to centre the logo, which also does not seem to work. I have figured this is a technical reason which I now do not have time to solve. For this reason, I will be removing the logo.


On my webzine, I have enforced drop down menus for easy navigation, depending on the visitors interests on the page, they can hover over a tab they want and see all the articles listed below in these sections.  I have also included a search bar in the header to save time for visitors scrolling through each article to find the one they are looking for. The search bar recognises key words mentioned in any article, which is convenient for not wasting time.

I have interviewed Gregg, tattoo artist from Van Schaicks, I arranged to meet at 13.00pm and when I arrived Gregg was with a client. I was confident visiting this place as I had been before, I always make sure that I drive past even if I do not go into a place that I have agreed to meeting up with a stranger due to these interviews, just to have an idea of where it is and if it is open to public. I had originally planned to maybe get some tattoo shots as it would be a nice feature in the video, however Gregg did not think this was suitable therefore, I decided to leave this out. I created a connection with Gregg over a cup of coffee before the interview, as I told him a little about what I do in my course, what the interview is for and what I do outside of college. I believe a connection before jumping straight into an interview is important, especially wanting to go into a career that comes with interacting with the public. Confidence is essential, along with friendliness, eye contact and a smile. The passion I have for media and relations with the public shines through me when I interact with people, getting to know them not just for work/college but personally because I am interested.

I have put the video pieces together on my phone using the video editing app on my iPhone: Splice. It is not the best I could have done unfortunately, I did not plan to leave my work last minute however I have faced unexpected difficulties throughout my final major project this year. One of the reasons could be that I did not follow my action plan as I should have done. In the beginning, I thought it was the perfect plan to follow, however personal issues got in the way of the timetable forcing me to move the dates of the production for each content and I had to just go along with the production, whichever I could do, I did, regrettably not giving any attention to my action plan.

Before going into the tattoo parlour, I had noted down all the questions on my notepad where I keep all my notes for this project. Thinking further ahead, this allowed me to keep the questions ready while I was recording on my phone, instead of going off the camera onto WordPress online.

Due to Gregg Van Schaick including a mild sexual discussion in the interview, myself and Gregg believe it is appropriate and ethical to include this as the website is aimed at an appropriate age group starting from 16 as Gregg was made aware of this. I have researched that schools teach teenagers about sex and body parts when they are still at school which means 16 and under. This gives me confidence in continuing to publish this piece without breaching any rules.

My first multimedia piece for my FMP made me aware of possible mistakes and problems I may come across that I should be cautious of. Such as storage issues which caught me off-guard. Keeping this in mind, I made sure I had plenty of storage before the second shooting to prevent the same mistake from occurring.

I had to upload both video contents to YouTube as WordPress did not support the format of the video directly as it was. YouTube converts the video in which you can share the links on WordPress and it easily opens for viewing.

I have got in touch with Billy Quixall, a friend of a friend who has been doing street art and graffiti since young. I got in touch with him via Facebook:



I have uploaded and checked everything on my website thoroughly. –

To receive audience feedback I thought I would share the link of my webzine to an audience in the age group of 16-24.

I wanted quotes as feedback rather than votes and multiple choices as I find that this gives me more of an idea on how to improve and it is more descriptive. So I created a survey on Survey Monkey and asked them each individually what they thought of the website and if it would be a website they would visit regularly via this link:

Here are the results:





The feedback I have received from my audience is good, making me proud of what I have accomplished. Everyone said that the content was relevant and suitable for 16-24 year old audiences which means to me that I can write to an audience, able to recognise their needs. I have been made aware that I could possibly include more interactive content as it would attract more audience from the age group which I agree with. In the future, I will take on this advice and plan a more improved interactive production for my audience. Finally, the website overall was rated good for the design, content and presentation which I am pleased about.