Research for specialist study

(secondary research)Public Relations:

Image: “If you’re easily frightened, it’s quite terrifying how much impact seemingly tiny factor can have on the way your customers view you.” The Essential Marketing Sourcebook, page 192, Ros Jay. Expanding on this quote, I think it is very important to know what you are publishing in your content and how it may impact your audience. Such as; will it offend a certain crowd? How is my content affecting individuals? I have a broad understanding of different people, which makes me aware of what I should and should not write. This could also affect my image as a writer in a bad way if I did not take any of this into account.

Facts and figures say “60% of Facebook users who become fans of a brand are more likely to buy the brand’s products”. Social Media Playbook for Business, page 6, Tom Funk. This emphasises how social media affects audiences when they are a follower of a page which shares consistent posts that encourages them.

(primary research) Online magazines and how they target their audience:

Most online magazines have very similar tabs in their navigation bar such as: Life, Beauty, Love&Sex, Fashion.

Cosmopolitan Online have all the content that will attract 16-25 year old females.

The article titles remind me of Instagram captions/memes such as: 14 Times Barack Obama and Joe Biden Were Friendship Goals. The articles and titles are quite informal. In this day and age, the young public talk informally and use colloquial language which is why magazines have changed the way they speak to the audience in order to fit in with the new “talk”.

Cosmopolitan and other similar online lifestyle magazines target their audiences very correspondingly. Their main target audience are females so they tend to use neutral colours such as black and white being the popular colours for the majority. They also keep the articles simple yet full of information so the audience reads on as it gets more interesting.

Zoella is a online lifestyle blog which is in similar context to online magazines. Zoe Sugg, the owner of the site has targeted audiences of females aged 15-25. She is within this age group so it makes it easier for her to talk to her audience as she understands what is trending and what people of that age want to read. This is how I feel with my target audience, it helps me connect with them better.

This site has a variety of content ranging from talks about anxiety to which makeup is best for Autumn. This suggests that Zoella wanted to keep her site interesting to the audience, keeping their needs in mind.

The title of the area of investigation: An investigation into the marketing techniques used by online lifestyle magazines to target their audience

I aim to carry out academic research through books and online research about marketing, how marketing affects targeted audiences, how other online magazines and blogs have targeted their audience, what techniques do they use and how they advertise on social media

The specialist study I will be doing will help me achieve my webzine:

My webzine will be called ‘BuseBeauty’ as I already have my own personal makeup blog called this. I think it is a unique and attractive name.

The tabs I will have on my webzine are:

  • Home
  • Beauty
  • Life
  • Moments

On my home page I will have links with images to all articles in sections to make easy navigation for the visitors of the site.

In the Beauty section, I will have tips on makeup, different makeup looks (Halloween/Night glam/daily etc.) and how to achieve them- this could include video footage of tutorials or just photos. I will also include techniques and best products and where to buy. I can also include hair in the beauty section such as tips on how to get volumized hair, how to get your hair frizz free, how I take care of my hair and how to crimp hair and get the max volume.

In the Life section will be different things I do in my life such as events; car meets, nights out, news stories around me such as Tent City. My webzine is about me, so all content will be based around what I do in my life.

In the Moments section I will have my photojournalism, moments captured from my life that I think my audience will find interesting, photography of the views of Sheffield, nature and everything else. These will all include some sort of caption each.


This specialist study will help me develop in my future career in marketing because it is in depth concentration on marketing and research on audiences.



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