Jane 6.2.1 Mobile Journalism

Planning your video

  1. Content- is it interesting?
  2. Artistic content- variety of shots? Extreme wide angle/ very wide angle/ wide angle/ mid shots/ close-ups/ extreme close-ups – cutaways and cut ins.
  3. Audio must be of good quality
  4. Lighting must be of good quality

Notes: Keep it steady, make sure image is of good quality. Video must be 60-90 seconds long.


  • Draw a storyboard
  • Add text for instructions underneath sketches
  • Add time length of shot

Start researching storyboards- 1 bad example, 2 good examples

Research and watch short videoskenneth_chan_storyboard002

This storyboard has fairly detailed information under the sketches. It is set out very clearly and easy to understand by others as well as the person who made it. They have included camera shots however, to improve they could have included camera shots for each one.


This storyboard has boxes to fill in to keep the information organised. The boxes allow the person to write camera shots in one box and the dialogue/action in a different box with more space. They can also include duration which is what I will also be doing when I create my own storyboard. Although this storyboard isn’t complete, it is a good example.



This last storyboard could have included a lot more information for example, duration, explanation of actions etc. It could also have been clearer and more organised.


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