Tommy 7.1.1 The Web

What even is the web?

The web is a network which includes a collection of webpages. “World wide web (www)”. The web uses internet to find these.

What do you spend most of your time doing on the web?

Social media

In what way do you access the web?

Phone, laptop, iPad

How is the web useful to you?

The web helps me find information I need and makes me aware of what happens around me. It helps me communicate with friends and family.

How is the web useful?

The web is useful in many ways for businesses, schools and for personal use such as researching, promoting etc.

Positive effects of the web?

The positive effects of the web are that it helps people access information faster and easier, it helps people connect with each other such as friends and family

Negative effects of the web?

The negative effects of the web are that it can cause some people to be distracted by it and become antisocial, addicted to games or social media. Some other negative issues are cyber-bullying and criminality.


The web has many positive things such as entertainment, media, communication, finding out information, and helping to learn and educate. However, some positive things such as how you can have anything you want on the web in an instant, can be a negative thing also. For example, many people get exposed on the social media and within seconds it can either go viral or really affect an individual.

In my opinion, the internet should be used for more useful information to actually educate people further instead of using it for things that won’t make a difference or better their lives. After comparing Orwell’s Theory and Huxley’s Theory, I have decided that Huxley’s Theory makes more sense about the world we are now living in.


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