Modified Street Scene UK – Paul Walker Tribute 2016

Every so often Modified Street Scene UK organise car meets for car fans and drivers who like to show off their beautifully modified cars to others.

The meets are based in South Yorkshire, mainly being in Sheffield as it is the big city. Big meets are usually held at Catcliffe Morrisons car park, Hillsborough Morrisons underground, Meadowhall Retail Park and Tesco’s underground.

Their way of communicating with members is Facebook. Here, they create event pages for people to join and see what type of meet it will be. The location and time the meet takes place isn’t revealed until the day of the event.

Some meets are small and only a few people know about it. However, major meets are arranged sometimes such as a Paul Walker Tribute in November which will “possibly have over 1000 attending” says Steve Booth, admin of Modified Street Scene UK.


Interview questions with Josh from the meet:

  • What made you want to modify your car?

I like being different, yes there are a lot of modified cars but it is still a minority. In my eyes, I make my car look better. It’s not just about the looks either, the amount of money and time we put towards our cars are to look after them and make them run as good as they can.

  • What do you do at a car meet?

Everyone comes together to show off their cars, some do burnouts, wheelspins, some blast their music. People talk to each other, MSSUK is a street scene, it’s what everyone here loves. This particular one is Paul Walker tribute, so it’s a big one, people have come from all over.

  • What is the best part of a car meet?

Our community. We all share the same interest… Cars. Everyone just gets along with each other so well, we’re all like a big family even if we don’t know each other.

  • Do you enjoy looking at other modified cars and why?

Yes! Sometimes it’s just enjoying the view or getting ideas for my own car, creating conversation with the owner

  • What do you enjoy about cars?

Speed, adrenaline, meeting new people. Cars aren’t just a transport, they’re life.

  • How did you get into cars?

From young, all my family were good drivers, showing off, nice cars. I started playing racing games, modifying cars on Playstations, now I’m older and have money, I do it in real life.

  • When did you first start modifying your car?

When I first bought it, started off with the little simple things.

  • How much money have you spent on your car so far?

Around £2000 right now, it’s still a working progress.

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One thought on “Modified Street Scene UK – Paul Walker Tribute 2016

  1. Ahhh I see what you have done here – I’ve commented on your photo submission.
    Full details on the interviewee needed. Structure into a story (see comments on one of your previous posts).


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