8.1.1 Proposal

UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Extended Diploma

Unit 8 – Developing a Creative Media Product – The Proposal

Assessment Criteria 8:1.1


Centre Name & Number The Sheffield College
Candidate Name Melissa Akay
Candidate Number 661915
Project Title
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 100 words)
Units 1-4

The blog posts I wrote were about the double-page spread we produced, journalism and photo journalism. Along with primary research on magazines.

Unit 5

The audio production was researching and comparing radio stations. I wrote a script, created ideas in a group, and recorded my news bulletin.

Unit 6

Started with research relating to the ideas of my own video that I would be planning and producing. I then created, edited and finalised my news video.

Unit 7

I researched some websites, I chose two and compared the look, theme and easy navigation of the website. I created my own website on Muse inspired from the websites I enjoyed browsing on.


Section 2: Project Concept (Approx 200 words)
•      My ideas for images are to have a model for makeup photos, interview clothing and for the do’s and don’ts included in my article. If possible, these will be taken in a studio for the best lighting and professionalism.

•      My ideas for the design of my magazine is having “how to dress” and “how to do your makeup” on one double page spread, which will have the most images. The second double page spread will include more text for my articles of “how to fight nerves”, “interview techniques” and “do’s and don’ts”. I have drawn a sketch of how I would like the double pages layout to be.

•      The target audience for my magazine is 15-25, an age group I can connect with easily.

•      My articles are aimed at those who need help and guidance with their interviews, this could be for fresh beginners with little or no experience or for some people that are just looking to improve their selves. It is also giving advice on how to dress and wear makeup for interviews for those who have an interest in fashion and beauty.

•      The socio-economical status will be C2DE because of the age range, so it will be affordable.


Section 3: Evaluation (Approx 50 words)
I want to achieve the best out of my project by reaching my own targets I set for myself, some of these are that I complete the tasks section by section on time, leaving enough time for myself towards the end to look back and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted.
Section 4: Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)
 The primary research I did myself for my project is the interview, page 5 of my Vook Magazine. The interviewee gives advice on interviews when asked what she could improve, “Do more research and looking more interested” (Faiza Mohammed, May 11 2016).

 The secondary research I did was finding out the demographic profile of Cosmopolitan to gather an idea of what age group and gender mainly reads one of my favourite magazines as I worked on my inspirations to produce my final project. A piece of information I found was “The main audience for Cosmopolitan are 18-24 year olds which 58.7% of those are women” (MRI Spring 2011, based on women, March 21 2016). 




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