Writing to Pictures

Caption 1- Golf

Father and son golfers pose for the cameras as they take part in a national 9-hole contest.

Nick, aged 27 and Mark Gorvett, aged 52 won a trophy and £1000 cash prize.

The pair also won the chance to play a round with Colin Montgomerie at St Andrews in Scotland. The regional round took place at Westbourne Golf Club.

Nick said winning the competition was great but to get to play a round with Colin is out of this world. He added: “It was a brilliant day.”

The smile on their face shows us the proud moment for the two.


Caption 2- Reindeer

Blitzen the reindeer mothers her 5-day old calf Abba.

Mr and Mrs Morice, farmers of Westbourne Farm, claim to “love all things Abba” which influenced the new born’s name.

The calf will soon have some playmates to join her on the very-well-looked-after field.

Bob Morice said he was entertained by the little calf. He said: “She’s certainly as bit of a dancing queen so far, frolicking about the field.”

The farmer hopes to build up his reindeer herd and attract more people in the run-up to Christmas.

“I’m hoping to train one or two so they will eventually pull a sleigh,” added Mr Morice.

It will be a Merry Christmas for the kids.







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