The Star- Halloween makeup article draft

October! What is this month all about for you? For me, October always screams Halloween.

So we’re going to a Halloween party at our friends house… Or going to town for the Halloween events, or maybe even going clubbing with our friends. Wherever we’re going, our makeup has to be fleekin’!

So here are my tips on how to get the Horror Halloween look…

Step 1

Find the lightest foundation and powder you have. I don’t expect you to go and buy a foundation you are only ever going to use once so why not go and grab a sample from a makeup counter close to you? Apply this on half of your face like so. If you wish, apply your regular foundation on the other half of your face for the normal look.

Step 2

Draw a line with a black eyeliner, straight or squiggly completely down to your imagination. Now grab anything out of your makeup bag that is red. Lipstick, lip liner anything. Create blood splatters on this line. Disgusting I know, but the more “blood” the better!

Step 3

My favourite and the most important part… Eyes.


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